Error: couldn't parse the line *selectable_if

Hi there fellow forum members,

As you can tell from the title of this thread, I'm getting an error when using a *selectable_if statement.

Here is the bit of code which is throwing up the error..

*label battle

How do you decide to fight your apponent?
  *selectable_if {sword = true} #You rush in to attack your apponent up close and personal.
   *goto battle

Just to let you know, earlier the player gets to choose what weapon they want (a sword being one of them) and I did set the sword variable to true.

Can anyone help with what is going on?

Thanks in advance.
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*selectable_if (sword = true)

? Not sure if that’s what causing the issue, but it might be.

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I’ve already tried that but I still get the same error message.

*selectable_if (sword)

Perhaps? You don’t need it to say true there. I know I’ve gotten a few errors for things like that, even when they worked fine in other places.

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Thanks for both your help but I figured it out. It was me being stupid! :blush: I accidentally indented the part where these choices are set to true earlier on in the file so when it came to this section, choicescript didn’t recognise them as being set to true as technically they hadn’t been.

Normally when the error it’s not partse a line is a spaces error .I got it a lot working in my phone, that tents to break spaces.

*selectable_if doesn’t work in a *fake_choice.

That’s not actually true. I use that commands continuously because i don’t use normal *choice anymore. *fake_choice operates now exactly as choice without the need of put a *goto on every choice option.
.For instance for my demo.You launch your runes for obtaining
*selectable_if (gender =“Male”) #Masculine names
Means “A gift sent by the goddess”
*set name “Sarinh”
*set decorum +1
Means Magic glow
*set name “Maniel”
*set magic +1
Means The warrior wind
*set name “Sephir”
*set fight +1
Means the wisdom of stone in dwarven
*set name “Dain”
*set wisdom +1
{name}? yes that name respectable of the oracle , long live The Cult child!" *goto last1 *selectable_if (gender ="Female") #Feminine names *fake_choice #Mara Means Poison kiss, What else could it be? *set name "Mara" *set seduction +1 #Mithriel Means the brightness of purity *set name "Mithriel" *set decorum +1 #Nereida Means princess of rivers *set name "Nereida" *set magic +1 #Victoria Means the wings of victory *set name "Victoria" *set fight +1 *line_break {name} The divine power has spoken, all power is in it and through it, we, the magical races obtain the real wisdom."
*goto last1

Have you tried Randomtesting your game?

Yes and works perfectly and this chunk is from my first scene more than a year ago. Qucktest works too, in fact i did not know that select if was supposed not work with the fake command