Selectable_if not working past certain point

I’m having trouble with…

The error I’m getting is:… chptraining2 line 160: Non-existent command 'selectable_if

My code looks like this:

  *selectable_if (chap > 3) #Travel
    *gosub fakephone
  #Use your Phone
    *gosub fakephone
  *selectable_if (chap > 3) #Sleep
    *gosub fakephone

Been working the whole time but always have hit this snag precisely at this part…

I have adjusted indent
spaces brackets braces and went through

What is that apostrophe before selectable?

Is that just quicktest quoting the command (and you left out the closed quotation mark here) or is that a stray bit of punctuation in your code?

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You need a *goto after (or instead) of a *gosub, or to use the *fake_choice command instead of *choice. The gosub is returning you to the same place and you’re then falling into the next choice, which I think is why it’s complaining about the selectable_if.


That’s definitely a good point. Are these the only choices in this choice tree, or have you just given us a few of them? Because if these are the only ones, then @Scribblesome’s got at least one thing wrong here.

@Scribblesome is right. After the first two *gosub’s, add in a *goto to bypass the last *selectable_if, which is being read without the preceding choice and causing the error.

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