Seeking writing partner? Or solid tips with making a good draft

Would it be on this topic? (Really, really unsure) So feel free to change the category, etc.

I’m asking since I’ve an idea I’m adding bits and pieces to everyday, but I’m not specialized in writing long stories and were to begin. (Shorts and poetry works, but not much else)
So I guess I’m kinda trying to find maybe a writing partner.( 2.)
Or solid tips from more experiences writers. ( 1.)

I’d prefer good, unapologetic comments, as I think no harsh words, if meant to be helpful, are my way to get feedback over tip-toeing around. Or just your own trials and errors. But yeah, solid tips are welcome as much as little ones.
Or links to similar helpful thread I might have missed.

As for a partner, I guess anyone that is self-aware and not easy to piss off, as I’d prefer frank communication over walking on eggshells.
As well as someone with patience probably, as I’m a perfectionist with making art. (Lots of choices that impact the story deeply as much as little details to add flavour. Also would prefer something long and complete, rather than a ‘‘to be continued’’ kind, unless the breaks are good enough.)
And as I have a bit on an idea already, I guess having someone that’s good at working with a sort of base concept.

Ah, and it has ROs, so someone interested in that kind of story flavour too.
And general themes would be: Psychological, Dementia, Romance… kinda
But I guess some people are better matches than others, so you can’t ever be sure until you try something.

Thanks for answers for either of those! :ok_hand:


I’d say the first point is best resolved with a solid WiP thread:

Ask for clear feedback, engage with people.

As for the rest, best might be to sit down and put together some pitch/synopsis and post those in the interest check thread


Hi –

Perhaps this will help you:

Also, if you seek the professional services of a writer, you will want to post in the Professional Services category.


I can only add, that deciding too early for a partner, just because you seem to work together is not the best thing. When I was searching, I found someone, who fit and had nice ideas but was never there when I wanted to start.


Oof, I feel kinda targeted ahah

(No, but really thanks for the tip xd)


I am sorry, If it came off that way, I just wanted to Help with my experience. I really hope you have more luck finding a writing Partner. :slightly_smiling_face:
Working and motivation is so much easier as a team. Perhaps it would be a good idea to first write a really short game, to get used to each other.


Oh no, it’s kinda funny it’s all good.

But yeah, I thing that’s very true, motivation is a big part of that indeed.
And that’s a good idea, I could just write a part of it as a test, kinda.

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Have you decided in a setting for your idea yet? Like sci_fi, Fantasy, horror or something like that?

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Oh yeah, gonna try for dementia, psychological and romance, something like that

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Sounds interesting, I will be looking forward to that wip.

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Well, it won’t be any time soon, but I hope I’ll be able to make it ahah

Thanks for the cheers!

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