Seductive Moon - WIP (Looking for Helpful Advice)


Here it is

Detailed Plot Info:
Basically, there are these three hot vampire dudes. They’re brothers. You find yourself in front of their mansion with no memory. They decide to keep you as a pet and food source. Then it goes from there. There’s a sanity stat, which will affect if you become a mindless slave or a normal person in a kind of healthy relationship. (As healthy as it can be with a sadistic vampire as your boyfriend.) There’s also some stuff with a night school and maybe a school play? (These are just the thoughts going around in my head right now.) There’s also going to be a harem route, where you can make all the vampire hotties your lovers. (This probably sounds so weird, but really this whole story is just a mish-mash of what I like.) Also, the content gets pretty suggestive, but never outright explicit. And that’s the gist of it.

Quotes I Must Absolutely Include in the Game:
The moon is just a pale reflection of the sun.
If I cannot have love, I will choose this shallow corruption instead.


Do you have a demo ready?


Oh, stupid me. Yeah I do.


I clicked the link, but it looks like the code of the game, not the demo.


Oh, since it’s google drive, it goes automatically to preview view. You have to click download, which is on the bar at the top. If it confuses too many people, I can switch sites, google drive was just the most convenient one for me to use.


Found the link, downloaded it… and I’m hoping you make more. Any plans of allowing character customization?


I know I want the player character to be exclusively a girl. (Making it a guy would affect a lot of things, and honestly it would just be too much work to make two playable genders. If I finish the game and it gets popular, I might look into it though…) But I’m hoping to add more stats, I’m just not sure yet how I want them to affect the story yet and what sort of stats I should add. So yeah, some character customization is hopefully coming.


Looks interesting, I do love vampires. I’m guessing the inspiration you talked about was Vampire Knight… Any chance you’ve heard of the visual novel Princess Nightmare?


I’m fine with only being able to play as a girl. What about altering appearance?


Actually, the inspiration is Diabolik Lovers. Six sadistic brothers who are vampires and take you captive to suck your blood… See the resemblances? I’m hoping to make mine different enough so that people don’t yell at me for just ripping off someone else’s idea. And no, I’ve never heard of Princess Nightmare, but I’m looking it up right now…


Oh, appearance? I was planning on making the appearance unchangeable, but I could easily add customization. I’m just not sure how it would affect the game, and I’m not really a fan of customization options that never affect the game. One option I could do is an outfits system, where certain boys like certain outfits better… What do you think?


Oh, just looked up Princess Nightmare now. Looks cool. I love VNs, but I don’t have the money to buy a lot of them…


Oh I see the resemblance, yeah I was thinking more on the whole vampire, night school thing aha… I do like what you’ve written so far, I just hope you will give the option for a tough MC. I ain’t giving in easy, ya’ know?


Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to let the MC be as meek or tough as she wants. In fact that could be a stat…


Can u change it please? I want to play this but my iPhone is not behaving I can’t seem to download it help!


I can understand not adding a way to alter appearance, but it would allow people to immerse themselves easier. If you choose not to, I won’t complain though. As for an outfits system, I love the idea! It would give more customization and gives value to something usually unimportant in games.

As for meek vs tough, I’m happy to see the choice. Offers replay value.


Changed it to dropbox. Hope it works now.


Thank you very much!


Well, I guess if even one person likes the idea, it’s worth trying. I’ll add an appearance customization section. But I was thinking instead of a the very beginning like most games, it would be when you first view a mirror, which would probably be in the part after the part I’m about to write. I’m not sure that would be good or not though… What do you guys think? When you first see a mirror or at the very beginning?


Found an error when u click on womanly charms it says unknown error ash. Does that mean the game stops there?