Second Rate Supervillain (WIP)

So, ive been here a few months now and a fan of CoG/HoG for the better part of two years but mostly i just lurk in the forum.
Lately, however, I’ve been dabbling with choice script here and there and have decided to give making my own game a shot :slight_smile:

Onto the Plot!
You play as the right-hand to an up and coming wannabe supervillain who hasn’t quite got the whole evil thing down to pat just yet, and is still trying to come up with what he calls his “Villainous Debut” in the run down garage the two of you call a lair. Broke coffee shop worker with an existential crisis and an overweight cat by day, fearsome and somewhat unreliable minion by night! Try and keep your roommate in the dark about your extracurricular activities, while balancing your time spent plotting and your social life. And please do try and not get arrested.
There are six, gender locked ROs (3 male, 3 female).
You can play as Male, Female or Non-Binary.

This is my first attempt at a choice script game and the Title is still a work in progress, so if anyone has suggestions id be really interested in hearing them.
I’ve just about finished Chapter 1 and am hoping to have a demo with 3 chapters out in the next two weeks, hopefully less.
I am, sadly, still working my way around all the coding.
Ill try to update the demo as often as possible and would really love to hear feedback. If anyone has any questions about the plot, characters etc or wants more information, id be happy to oblige!
Id also love any suggestions on how to up the inclusitivity in the game.
If nobodys interested ill just sort of, quietly discard it.


Without a demo we won’t know whether or not we’re interested.

There are many wip proposals without a demo that quietly disappear for whatever reason.

I personally dislike posts that say “I have and idea do you like it?” my thought is “I don’t know, you’ve not shown me anything to form an opinion on”.


I like the idea of it but like Lord of LA said it is kinda hard to form a real opinion. I enjoy the theory and I will probably enjoy the book so I’m excited for the demo. I have a question though for the plot: do you have to keep your roommate in the dark or can you be open and have him help you and you help him? Im not sure if this secretive relationship is nessary for the plot, but if it is then that’s fine, obviously.

Yeah, i can definitely see why now. Sorry i didn’t think about that. Like i said, usually a lurker and usually a bit to eager to start things.
Id probably delete this if i knew how until i had a working demo but i sadly don’t seem to be aware of how.

Yeah, guess i didn’t really think of the that huh? I really need to not rush into things like this.
As for the roommate part, that’s actually a really important plot point, but ive already added a choice of reasoning as to why your MC doesnt feel like they can tell their roommate despite not knowing about afore mentioned plot point. Especially since said roommate is a fairly new addition to your life.

Oh this sounds so interesting. I can not wait to see how this turns out. There is so much potential here.


Just from the title, the main reason I’m here is to go back to my villain roots. If you had a demo that I could analyze I would be delighted to give feedback! @Aesthetics

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Research Material:


Glad that is covered instead of it just being random and something you just have to deal with.

diabolical is still going down as my favorite choice of game I wish there was more of it. The comedy was rather welcome, I liked the choices and how repayable it was. And also the first polygamous romance I have ever seen in choice of games.

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I liked Diabolical but I crave for something more gritty.


Agreed more gritt but still has the moment where I bribe kids into helping me with a job. And all the silly stuff, I think it would have been a nice contrast against the other characters.

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I am interested and patiently await the demo! :grin:

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Superhero CoG’s are my favorite after stat management games.


It’s sound interesting but without demo we won’t know if it to the expection

How evil do we get to be in this? :smile:

You can take several approaches towards your career in evil in this. You can be dead serious about it, in it for the hell of it, there for the hope of a paycheck at the end, there because you were basically forced or simply because your interested in seeing how it plays out. Its kind of going to be a more comical sort of thing to be Honest, which im not sure is going to be to everyone’s liking if they’re looking for, you know, “blow up the empire state building, take the human race as slaves and brutally murder anyone who gets in the way” serious sort of stuff.
Im aiming for a more “takes themselves really seriously but is struggling to pay rent and come up with a plan more dastardly than releasing the ostriches from the zoo after mistaking their pen for the tigers” sort of villain at least at the beginning, but i get that that isn’t everyone’s thing :smile:
You’ll certainly get the chance to go up against some high class superheroes, destroy a couple buildings, take some hostages and attempt to overthrow the government however. Notice i said “attempt”


sounds very interesting! but i’m wondering how it ends. are every possible endings failure as villain? because it being comical and you said “attempt”

so only possible “happy” ending might be like going back to being a civilian?

Well the book is called “Second-rate Supervillian” it would be kind of crazy if we could pull off really crazy stuff in the beginning or even in the end.

Unless you totally surpass your boss and make them the second rate supervillain? :smiley: