Search for Sanctum (W.I.P) first game, no demo yet

The name is still being decided and will probably change.

Set in 2025, you play a 19 year old who has recently developed powers -known as gifts- in a world heavily biased against those like you. You are called a Gifted. After being ostracised from your hometown, you head to London in search of others like you, and begin to hear rumours of a safe haven for Gifted’s in Europe. As you piece together the puzzle of the whereabouts of this safe haven, you must avoid the Hunters who wish to send you to government created “safe camps”, and soon discover there are other options for Gifted’s aside from constantly being on the run – some not as legal as others.

The path you chose is up to you, but you must be careful to keep your wits about you. Death is always closer than you think, and sanity is easy to break.

The demo should be done and up by Friday, but might be a bit longer depending on whether I have troubles with getting it up. It will only be the first scene and character creation bit, but more will be added afterwards quite regularly.

To go into a bit more detail about the game, you will be able to choose one of the five gift sets listed below. My aim for these is to give the user original and unique ways to use these gifts. For the sexuality options I am making it so the character can be hetrosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual (with some options to experiment/switch later on maybe). However, I am currently only implementing male and female gender options, though I might later add the option for transgender and/or gender fluid depending how everything goes.

While I am still working on the stats, one I know that will definitely be in it, and can drastically alter a persons game, is sanity. If anyone has played the game Don't Starve, the effects of the sanity stat will be like that, wherein the lower it goes the characters perception of the world will become a lot more dark, twisted, and hallucination fueled, making it a lot harder to know what is real or not. This stat will be influenced by decisions you make, certain situations and some of the other characters (one in particular will decrease it quite easily). However, it will still be hard to get the sanity stat dangerously low, and those scenes you'll gain with a low sanity stat will be more for replay value.

I'll be adding more details later, but any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

 - Fire
 - Earth
 - Water
 - Air
 - Strength
 - Durability
 - Speed
 - Reflexes/Agility
 - Telekinesis 
 - Telepathy
 - Illusions
 - Forcefields 
 - Flight
 - Teleportation
 - Wall crawling
 - Intangibility 
 - People
 - Animals
 - Substances/Objects
 - Camouflage

This is a really cool idea can’t wait to check out the demo

Sounds great. I’m familiar with Don’t Starve, and the sanity aspect sounds like it’ll be fun with someone Gifted.

sounds interesting …

Do you mean we choose one out of ALL those powers, or one from each category?

Sorry I’ll make it clearer on the original post. You choose one power set at the beginning (so all four sub powers) and as the game goes on you become stronger, but have to focus on two or one of the sub powers otherwise you’ll generally just be weak. And with the elemental ones when you become stronger at one, you’ll be weaker at the opposing element. So you can’t be strong at fire and water, or earth and air.

I hope that makes sense? I’ll explain it better in the post a bit later

Yes, shapeshifting into an animal provides Physical and Transport too. What animals are we going to be shapeshifting into?

Hm shapeshifting is one of the more powerful sets I think, so I was debating whether to make it one of the more harder ones to use. So like harder to increase the stats for it, can only really focus on one of the options or something.

I haven’t fully developed how shapeshifting is going to be used yet (it was the last power set to be added, so I haven’t had as much time to develop it). But at the start it would be more simple animals like a cat, bird or a mouse. More powerful animals will be available later on as the character gets stronger, but I still need to do some brainstorming.

Interesting idea. Reminds me of the X-men in a way.

The premise I guess is, and how the world reacted to people with powers most definitely is similar to X-men. But the actual game and story told won’t be, and the way people develop powers isn’t like x-men either. I’m glad you think it’s an interesting idea!