Search Feature

Is there a search feature for finding games on the website? Because when I click ‘Our Games’ or ‘Hosted Games’ I’m met with a huge page of games with covers on full display. It’s not a huge problem; with the number of games I can usually find what I’m looking for in a few minutes max, but as more and more games are being made I could see this becoming a major annoyance. Am I just missing something?


Yeah, I’ve been wanting a simple list view, with no pictures, preferably alphabetized, for a while. And maybe the ability to sort by genre?

I guess most people use steam or mobile, so it’s not a problem for most, but it really is annoying to have to scroll so much.


Ctrl-F or Cmd-F works to search the page for a specific title!


@daydreamsincolor Thanks, there is ZERO chance I would have figured that out myself.

@The_Lady_Luck I mostly play on Steam aswell but I’m trying to play Lords of Aswick with max stats (cheating), and it’s not on Steam so I’ve had to experiment a bit.

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