Search engine

Just wondering why there is no search engine on the main page. Are the games categorized in any way? Can I choose to search for only the most popular, or only High Fantasy, or only quick games, or only very long sagas? If not, why?

the game are placed by date . The top are the new ones , and as you scroll down the dates go back to the oldest .

Probably because : 1) alot of peoples use others platform to buy the games . Like for exemple, I buy them on steam . 2) either it wasn’t requested, or they are busy .

They are a small team I think and they have their hands full .


So then, in your opinion, are most of the games sold off site? That would explain why they don’t feel a need for search engine, because all the off site locations already have one.

Also, since I’m new, when you upload a game are there category tags that transfer to the other sales venues to facilitate searches there?

Depand on the peoples . I have some games from their websites, because not all of them are on Steam . And when I found choiceofgames, I brough them directly from there . Steam came way later .

Others platform give them a wider reach to sell and it also give the peoples the option to pick their favorite place from where they download the game .

Sorry, I can’t answer that 2nd question . I never uploaded a game myself . Maybe someone can tell you more about the process .