Bring the Dragons to Steam


I notice a lot of games are on steam, but Dragons was always my favorite.
Yet it saddens me to not see it on there.
Does anyone else feel like I do?
Does anyone else want Choice of the Dragon on Steam?


Why? It so short it not worth putting it there. Did you know that there a fee to get your game on Steam?


What’s wrong with playing it on the website? Putting all your eggs in one basket is bad :slight_smile:


I just think more could done, added scenes and achievements, maybe even some art. Who knows.


From what I know of Steam is that they only allow so many games to be added by Indy companies, until they reach a point in sales where anything they published are allowed on the Steam. In short CoG has to prove themselves with sales with what they are currently allowed to release with before Steam will host their entire library.


We are somewhat limited in the number of games we can put on Steam, but I appreciate hearing a vote for Dragon in terms of what we should consider for Steam.