Saving Mecha Ace

Is there a way to save your Lance? Sue me but I got attached to them and it pains me terrible to see them KIA.
I was romancing Asadi but when I choose to intimidate the impie fleet I ended up alone? Guess I should have killed them then.


During a fleet battle over that space station or something, there should be a option where you can move your squad to the frontlines, to the back or stay in the middle. Just stay in the middle with your squad because otherwise they will die.

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No, no. If you intimidate the Imperial Fleet, assuming you have the required 4 Presence and the knowledge about Marshal Steele, you will be asked to surrender.

Your squad will live.

And your squad will also survive as long as whatever action you take, you do with them. The only way they die is if you send them on a separate mission.


@MichaelCrank thank you anyway.

@Jjcb Thank you so much! I can’t wait to play it again now.

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