Help on "The Fleet"


Okay so I’ve gone through this game like 5 times and have yet to get my home planet back, help anyone? XD


Did you help out the Alliance and get as much backup as you could possibly get? Let me play through it again real fast and be right back. lol


You can save your home planet without helping the alliance. One of my favourite paths is betraying them. Basically, just play to your strengths. If your forceful and have striker pilots with skill, use those options. Else, use the ones relevant to you


@WolfieGrey message me? I wanna show you something


Okay sorry about that. At the begging of the game during the first battle they give you a option to use Force or something else can’t remember but I always use Force. When you have to make the choice to loss something at the very beginning I would get rid of the fighter vessels and resource vessels and keep all your main strength on your cannons. Then if you obey the alliance orders they will give you gifts and allow you to get things back, get the fighters and add cannons. During the speech close to the end where you have to hype up your army there are three sentences you have to say in order for your army to help. always choose 1st “leaving the enemy out struck in fear”, 2nd the last option about the "ruthless pilots Tavis-16 and 3rd the first option about “removing the head from the fireworm” . Lastly at the final fight you have to use Force. 1st option dodge arms and hit the drones, 2nd option bombard drones head on, 3rd option use cannons and destroy them to bits 4th option cannons obliterate shielding panels.


@wolfieGrey so true I think it’s all about Force and having your Army behind you, I’m sure there are other ways but that’s just one way. I really like betraying them too. I played it so many times but haven’t in awhile so completely forgot somethings.


Sorry about spelling errors (I must sound like a ten year old) I’m multitasking and on the worst phone in the world [-X



You could have just *edit instead of double posting.

I never use force so the line “its all about force and having your army behind you” is a tad wrong. I also don’t have “an army” behind me. My ship is a one man show. For the *speech* its all about putting 2 and 2 together, there is more than one way to pass that. Or you could purposely confuse them, either way, you can win. “follow the alliance orders” again, go against them at every turn and you can still win.

Getting captured by alliance forces also makes for a fun ending.

Once again I must say, pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses.


@WolfieGrey yup well like I said that’s how I do it with Force and hyping the army up and putting more on cannon strength. I know there’s more ways but for someone just trying to pass it once I think it would be easier just to give them a simple example, then of course once you understand what to do you can twist and take different paths. So hope my info works in someway and good luck to you @pqfire09


Remember that elegance does not equal skill and that coverage does not equal force, and try and make a balance between strikers and cannons, and skill and coverage.

Other than that, I can also say that it’s not about having an army behind you at all. I love betraying the alliance and fighting solo.


Thanks guys, also Is there a way not to be taken by the corporate guys? That’s happened every time


I finally won!, thanks guys~


Corporate guys? What are you talking about?

Edit: oh you mean the uprising in the null zone. You can always blow their ships up as they approach, or if you don’t send a team over you can have your team meet theirs.


@wolfiegrey tried both, didn’t work o.O does how much energy you have factor in there?


Try this: Don’t address the civilian ships (monitor in secret) then when things start getting rowdy - do nothing, then when they start coming over - blast them with cannons OR have your security team meet them at the door.


Weird thing about the fleet though, is that I can’t find the right options to pump up mu alien allies if I choose finesse over brute force.

I know I used to do it all the time, but for the life of me I can’t do it anymore.


Choosing finesse over force has nothing to do with it.

When meeting the “neutral” aliens, plead with them, and their fighters should go rouge and attack their own ships. Don’t kill the stranded enemy ships, and don’t blow up their production center on the asteroid. Oh and don’t be a complete ass to civilians


Wolfie, you aren’t talking about anything even remotely related to what I was talking about.

I was talking about the speech you give your alien allies right before trying to reclaim your homeworld.

When I play finesse over brute force the aliens just stand there looking confused.


Oh… well then… By finesse do you mean, the words that you use? Or the option you pick at the start of the game?


I meant strategic style.