Saved Files Deletion

How many people agree that the save game system needs to add the feature of deleting?
It ia frustrating to have too many saved files.

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No, not really, the only series that has ever made me make +100 saves was The Lost Heir and even then just cause I really don’t bother using old saves, I prefer to replay the game cause it’s a hella good game, so no I don’t find it annoying cause I know it’s on me the number of saves I got


Quite a few? Ones who need to delete end game saves and the ones who need to save their game during their playthrough, but CoG still remains deaf to our pleas.


I also find it annoying but that’s really only because I don’t reuse saves, I always like replaying, even though it’s the same choices so I have no purpose in keeping saves except for the first initial use

Closing this not because I don’t agree, or don’t feel you have a right to an opinion, but we have far too many of these threads already. The official stance from CoG hasn’t changed.