Sane (WIP)

Hi, I am quite new here so please forgive me for any of my current or upcoming mistakes.

Basically, I’ve started on this project, and I would love some honest feedback so I could improve my game to be better.


I’ve only just created the ‘Pre’ part of the story, and it doesn’t really have much choices regarding the MC yet, since its like an initiating sequence kind of thing. Sorry.

Sane is a story about the struggle of the remaining sane people to survive in an overturned world. Due to a chemical war that had occured, most of the food and water sources have depleted, and the humans have to scrounge up everything and everyone in order to survive. Some people took it to extreme measures and started to feed on their own kind, and made themselves known by their group name of ‘Breeds of Life’.

Thats basically the gist of the story. Not much to tell yet, but I hope it can give you some understanding of what the story will be about.

Forgive my writing mistakes, and please lend me some honest feedbacks for my work! Thanks a lot.

-Fixed the error pop up when choosing to ‘Help them’ while having the old-
fashioned-way combat style.
-Fixed a small typo


I am liking it so far! The premise sounds interesting, looking forward to how things will progress :slight_smile: Also really love your writing, by the way.

Great work and best of luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Woah, interesting premise! Super excited for more. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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I really like what you have so far but I had an error pop up on me as I chose to help the other soldier it said not choose able

Oh sorry, can you explain your choices that lead to the error popping up?

Sounds good I’ll look it know

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I’m a bit curious about the pychopathic stat is it good or bad?

I really like it so far. It’s interesting. I thought this wip was called, “Sand” instead of “Sane”. I think there should be warnings for the beginning because there are graphic context.


got stuck on this part, not sure that it was end or not.

I’m pretty sure it’s bad, its kinda like your MC is becoming insane or not based on how high the numbers increase.

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As your psychopathic behaviour increases, more aggressive choices will be unlocked, and nearing the end the tone will be darker

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Oh alright, i’ll put the warning in. Thanks for letting me know :smiley:

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That’s what I was hoping for

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I like your idea and your story is off to a great start! Also found a typo if that’s alright? “Presences have been compromised” instead of “presences has been compromised”. Keep up the good work!

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how come we were the only ones saved by Helmet-kun?

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you got me in to this mad max world sane you have made give you f… A of what I have read

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It shall be revealed later on :smirk:

Ah thanks! And also thanks for letting me know about the typo, I wouldve missed it hahaha

Thanks! And yeah, the warning kinda seems necessary hahaha

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I chose to not to watch and chose to fight bare handed up to that point but I really like the vibe of the game reminds me of Borderlands and Mad Max

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Sorry for the kinda late reply, but yeah I fixed the problem there. The indent thingies weren’t aligned. My mistake hahaha


Will keep an eye on this, I like the apocalypse setting gives me the mad max or fallout vibe, I like the writing style so far.

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