Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

I think you’re playing a far better Ronin than I am with that red sandals thing, how I remember that scene is my girl just indiscriminately butchering everyone while thinking “WE ARE SO F***ING BACK!” and lamenting that her stolen katana wasn’t as sharp as Gensai’s.

Agreed on sensei being a real piece of work for sure, he’s right where he belongs.

Edit: There’s a pop quiz about what the sandals represent which I think is what you’re thinking about, Ronin and Basho agree to keep an eye out, but I don’t remember that actually coming up again later.

Probably, though mine was still brutal, but it doesnt matter what type of ronin you play, they all say something about targeting red shoes because of their connection to the cult regardless.

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I found it a website of Ainu-English Dictionary.
pirka menoko means(ピリカメノコ) - a beautiful woman, a fine young lady


This game is hysterical on my 3rd playthrough, when I’m truly understanding just how divorced The Ronin’s thoughts are from reality:

Even the hallucination of Masami starts lecturing them for talking back to a hallucination and expecting it to know things only the real Masami would know

Ronin: Tosh… that smell… it may be charred human remains
Tosh: … honey that’s the smell of fresh bread.


Quite a few characters now have some information about their families/parentage, which makes me curious about the Ronin.

Their life before the orphanage remains mostly unknown. I think they were six when adopted by Gensai? But in Book 2 they seem to remember their mother. Was her fate ever confirmed?