Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

Yeah. There are definitely ways to write in the pregnancy without having to WRITE IN a lot of the pregnancy, especially given the plot of the book currently being written thus far. Any event that would allow for skipping time or not really seeing the MC much would do allow it. Plus, it’s been said that a female MC lacks the kind of knowledge/bodily awareness, so it’s entirely possible they could go near full term or full term without ever actually realizing they’re pregnant. And before someone is like “there’s no way someone could be pregnant without knowing” there used to be a whole show about exactly that scenario lol.


Realistically, the fem!Ronin shouldn’t be able to be not aware - hidden pregnancy is more common for fat people and people with weak abdomen muscles, so the Ronin is out, but 4-5-6 months are absolutely on the table. Plus SoH isn’t that big on the branching, so introducing one big branching point isn’t that difficult.


Reminder that when the author revealed that Masa would be a romance option, he also revealed that there would be no sex until after a timeskip.

That basically revealed that there’s going to be a timeskip, so it’s possible that a pregnant Ronin will only have the baby after this timeskip to avoid having to write a pregnancy arc


Holy shit, i just left SoH 5 for a few month now we already have a manga adaptation!? Heck yeah now my life has thing to do left.


I don’t remember if I saw that, but a time skip would definitely solve a lot lol.

Been thinking about the Demons/Spirits and their number. Something doesn’t add up. There’s an extra spirit.

“A spirit of greed. Her being taints those who are pure with her poison. I saw a nest of snakes. She must not be allowed to live.”

“The spirit of the mountain. This one will cause mudslides and earthquakes against my forces when the time comes. I saw an old mountain entangled with vines and undergrowth. It makes a beautiful painting.”

“A spirit of opportunity. He will stop at nothing for power. I saw boats and mass bloodshed. An isolated village full of desperate children. Where noble souls are endangered. I wake up feeling as if sea-salt is being rubbed into my blood.”

“A spirit of manipulation. A truly vile creature who cannot be killed by normal means. I’m afraid that it will find you before you find it.”

“A spirit of honor. Show him that pride can cripple a man from the inside. I recognize the man, a general under my command, Shatao. He is head of the barracks in the mountain pass. Tread carefully with this one.”

“And finally, a spirit still yet pure. Of warring bloodlines of two clans. If they are united they will grow too powerful…you will have to swing your sword in a different way to finish this.”

  1. The Rokurokubi
  2. The academy spirit
  3. Unknown
  4. The Yuki-onna
  5. The Phoenix
  6. The Kirin

Where does the Kitsune fit into this?


I thought the kitsune was the spirit of manipulation, but I do agree the circumstances don’t quite fit with the wording.
I always thought opportunity was a certain evil samurai from book 4, especially with how that game ends

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I would say he fits #4 & the yuki-onna goes on #3. They’re both manipulative, but she is definitely power hungry, opportunistic, & trying to start a war. The kitsune was also not easy to kill, we had to do it like 2-3 times before it actually worked if I remember it right.

If it’s not a completely new character, I would say Ichiro fits that description as well, but even then, I wouldn’t say completely. It says he’ll stop at nothing for power, but when we meet Ichiro, he was already leaving the election & didn’t seem to care for it until we kicked things into motion. And he didn’t even want power for the sake of it, he was already working with the opposition so it didn’t matter, he just wanted to get the Jigoku because Gensai is a terrible father (to oversimplify it). Meanwhile, it looks like death didn’t even stop Sakiko (if she is dead & it’s not just the result of whatever gave her these powers).

I’m thinking it could possibly be something that was just changed for some reason, maybe Sakiko was supposed to be a guy at first or it was just a grammer mistake that took us this long to figure out :joy:.

(Minor thing, but I thought Shatao was a tengu (or maybe that was just his mask)? I was confused when I first read this :sweat_smile:)

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I think we can write out Ichiro.
The list is about demons, Ichiro is “just” a bad guy obsessed with Jigoku.

Ichiro is not the demon, his son was a spirit yet pure. But indeed, the quee posessing Momoko has to be no4, because only no4 and no1 can be women, no3 is a he. Could the baron be a red herring, and there are indeed three spirits left, the mountain, the queen and the unknown one?

Why does #4 have to be a woman? #4 is only ref
fered to as “it”.

*I just had a thought, since Sakiko can posses people she could take over the body of a man (and she said she was going to do that initially). Maybe we somehow get her out of Momoko & she takes someone else & that’s who its referring to?

OK, so there’s a couple reasons I think he, at least, belongs on the list:
“A spirit of opportunity. He will stop at nothing for power. I saw boats and mass bloodshed. An isolated village full of desperate children. Where noble souls are endangered. I wake up feeling as if sea-salt is being rubbed into my blood.”
His whole thing with the election was clearly planned for a while, resulted in the deaths of who knows how many via life drain, and with something where he clearly did not care about the cost.
Desperate kids, well, that entire book has them all over the place, so that fits.
The smell of salt, that might refer to MC‘s past, they were born in a coastal area, from what I remember, and that also ties back into the desperate kids thing.
And as for him not being a demon, well, after whatever the fuck he turned into by the end, I’m not so sure about that anymore

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There’s the hole it will find you before you find it line, which, honestly, she’s the only demon that actually does that, literally all of the others, you run into, either because you’re looking specifically for them or because coincidence.

First part could work, but you are really stretching the second.

The noble souls could be referring to the Civil War amongst the samurai families of the north, stretching it, yeah, but none of the other demons comes close enough to fit all that criteria

We still have two books: there is still room (barely) for one more.

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I don’t think so. We already have two major antagonists to deal with, and one possible, throwing yet another factor into the mix when we’re still dealing with those is kind of overkill

Counting again

  1. Shiroyama, the Yakuza ring leader, snake Oni;
  2. The Academy arc antagonist, unknown;
  3. Unknown;
  4. The Baron, kitsune;
  5. Shatao, the rebel samurai, tengu;
  6. Kiyoshi, Ichiro’s adopted son, Kirin.

So either Sakiko doesn’t count because she’s the “mother” and the others are her “soul jar”, or she’s number 3… for some convoluted reasons.

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Sakiko might not be one of the six at all, either she or the Baron, all of the others, we either know already, or can reasonably tie down to somebody

What I can’t figure out is why the Baron shouldn’t be counted. What’s the reason for that?
I mean:

  • We are hunting evil spirits;
  • He host a kitsune;
  • He tried to brainwash the group and kill some of them.