Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

Now I have to replay it with a Toshie romance, all the times she was like "I’m glad we’re such good friends" I knew I was missing out.

Edit: : Easter Egg: Have a look at your profile portrait right at the end.


It has been three long years without SoH, I’m ecstatic. I cannot wait to pick this new book up, I’m dying to read it :sob:


OMG the portrait :rofl:


What you mean? :o

btw. is this the last book in the series?

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No, iirc there are one or two more books planned.


Did everyone execute Goro. I want to, but at the same time idk if I should.

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I didn’t, like, what’s the point? Punishment should encourage change for the better, not be a revenge - that’s me as a person. As for my Ronin, she just desperately needed something not to end with a death if she could help it.


I did, but I get the feeling that my character is going to wake up every now and then, wondering if he shouldn’t have. He had this whole detailed revenge plan ready for when they ran into each other again, but he saw enough of the guy to at least give him an honorable death with a blade in his hand

You will fail if you choose to execute him for the first time. During his redemption arc you have like 4 more choices to kill him, all will fail except for the last one, but later you end up owning your life to him which is probably gonna serve as another factor to make you feel bad if you go through with it.

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Well I did kill him, sucked but it had to be done. That being said how bad can one man’s luck be, guy solves one problem that only leads to a much bigger one. I like the portrait though, both of them XD.


I didn’t kill him. My only goal was to save Masami, the rest, well, it’s not important. If the sisters knew the truth and didn’t care, it’s not my problem.


I was expecting anything but a high school AU.


Well, took me a few sittings, but finally went through the game.

As always, really enjoyed it. It went in rather unexpected directions - I kind of expected the Silent Lady to be the focus of the book, but while she wasn’t unimportant by any means, she ends up being kept in reserve for later while we get to spend most of the book travelling with Masami strapped to our back and hallucinating her voice, with a healthy dose of Toshie on the side.

On whether or not to kill Goro, I ended up sparring him - after a lot of internal back-and-forth from the poor Ronin, who really wanted nothing more than to run him through, yet finding no satisfaction in the thought of killing this Goro - and in a way, if Goro can find peace and be forgiven… maybe so can she?

Some of my favourite things in this book :

  • the Christian monastery is pretty wild, given the amount of misunderstandings and wacky hijinx it triggers
  • And speaking of wacky hijinx, Masami really went and decided to invent her own school-setting fanfiction. Sasuga, kid.
  • Toshie’s romance was really, really good in this book - and the reveal of the loops certainly reframes a lot of things.
  • the opening scene is pretty visceral. Seeing the Ronin… well, all but completely insane, and slowly regaining herself through the book was a really solid hook.
  • it was pretty nice to see Nishi again. I don’t always remember the tertiary characters, but she certainly made an impression during her debut, and she’s pretty great here too. Also not dead, yay! Though not in for a happy fun time either, alas.
  • I do like that at this point, the Ronin is more or less done with the Emperor, due to how much this whole quest has asked of her.

As an aside, I’m sure that at some point, going after every single possible romance options will bite me in the ass, but even keeping in mind that I’m kind of aiming at a possible Junko endgame (if that’s even possible, considering), I never find it in me to turn anyone down ever. Well, that 's a problem for Future Ronin (and it’s not like she can’t use every bit of affection she can find, given her tendencies toward martyrdom).

Anyway, this was a blast, and the only sad thing about it is now the wait period for book 6. Well, I’ll have to go through this one too eventually, at least once the save system is implemented. Nonetheless, thank you for your hard work!


I’m surprised how many people spared him, although I can understand the reasons why.


5 has been amazing to run through so many times. its just a shame that we never get to use our spirit animal in it, at all. But, i suppose thats obvious since we lost touch after we got our eyes back. I know you get the choice to impregnate Junko or vice versa. It would have been AMAZING if possible with other ROs. Have a cute little ninja baby with Toshie. We also didnt get to interact with Momoko anywhere near enough. But, despite all those gripes, i understand why most of it happened; since this is a story of one who lost their way finding themselves again.

The ending ((i wont say what happens)) is a real punch in the gut though, probabaly one of the most painful cliffhangers ever. Never seeing the female samurai was kinda a bummer.

Also, am i the only one who wishes Nishi was a potentia l RO? :sob:

But, no matter what. Author, you did a great job; and it was all worth the wait 5 has been amazing. And SoH is in my top three favorites! Im already hungry for part 6 :sob:


No, no you are not.


Not dead yet. If GoT is anything to go by she won’t last long enough for us to save her, way I see it her chapter is closed in the most painful way possible. Wouldn’t mind if she got hit with a good dose of plot armor in book 6 though.


Omg now i can’t get the image of tosh’s baby in a cute little ninja garb out of my head :sob: praying that is possible to have kids in the epilogue god knows my mc deserve a peaceful life with a loving family after everything :smiling_face_with_tear:


So is the NPCs getting the George RR Martin treatment something we can’t prevent, or am I making suboptimal choices?


Pretty sure you can’t prevent it. While there are a couple of choices one can make resulting on some characters to live or die, those are few and far between. Most of the choices in Samurai of Hyuga are more about how the Ronin react and feel about the events - and even then, the Ronin is very clearly their own character, rather than a self-insert. And most of the tragedies they’re going through cannot be prevented.