Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

Mm… try “Masashi/Masami”?

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Tried that too.

Edit: I tried “Takeda” too because that is how you convince them when you fail, but it didn’t work here.

Try “wheelbarrow”?! I think I must have failed in my playthroughs and just kept going :rofl:


I’m a perfectionist. Failure is not an option for me. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Nope. Not wheelbarrow.

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Have you tried “ride”?

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Just did. Didn’t work.

My thinking is that they will cover themselves in shit to throw the dogs off their scent, but I don’t know what word it wants.

How about “yes” or “please”? (But are we sure there is a correct word in the first place? Maybe this is one of those times where Ronin is supposed to fail and keep going?)

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From what I have seen, whenever it asks you to input text, there is a correct option. I have usually been able to figure it out by failing and seeing what the ronin says, which usually gives a clue as to what it was supposed to be.

There is also an achievement for every one of them that you guess correctly.

I checked the Achievement Guide for Book 5 and didn’t see anything about this input choice though

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Can you link the guide?


Thank you. :grin:


Goddamnit. You were right.

@MultipleChoice Why you do dis to me? My OCD brain can’t take it. :tired_face:


Pretty sure the end is Junko.


I’ve a question, In all samurai series, RO are locked or not ?

Thanks you :grinning:

Can you clarify?

I think they mean gender lock which no they are not

oh i want say for example if i say i love you to the ro, i can’t romance the others ?

Thanks you

You can… And if you say yes the plot will act like MC and LI are the OTP… until the next LI come around