Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

The Ronin is the protag. That’s how SoH operates and we love it for it.

Goro: power of God and anime


I just recently finished the game. The ending was … dang, at this point the author are playing around with the classic tropes (it’s give ‘nostalgic’ vibe to early days of fanfic era, weirdly enough).

Also then ending was hurtful—to know there is no save system implemented, yet. I already have my “head canon” playthrough and I must reply it all over again …
But, if it that so, then I WILL PLAY THIS GAME 1000X MORE like what I did to SoH 4 :fire:


Do it like I do, every time a new book is released I have to reread the whole saga again :joy: I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this series by now.


Don’t even get me started on how many times I had to replay that f#@king battle in Book 3 to get it just like I did the first time! I understand why they do it but the inability to save until a sequel is near release or out drives me nuts! :smiley:

I’m not sure there is anything in book 5 that I feel that I haven’t hit where I want.

Thinking through it does remind me that I need to ask that demon queen that if she can heal herself from this or that attack, how come she can’t heal up the rest of Momoko while she’s at it. Kinda lazy for a supposed demon queen. :wink:

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Either she can’t - because this wound was made before Momoko was posessed - or she don’t need that, since she can talk just fine with her demon power.

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Could you please elaborate on the loops thing with Tosh? I can’t seem to make sense of the conversation or what happened between our ronin and her when the ronin was confessing his truth of the source of the Jigoku - I remember Tosh mentioning something about the loops and reliving it over and over - but it wasn’t quite clear?

What did really happen with Tosh in the loops back on Baron’s island? I didn’t get the whole conversation or specifically, what Tosh went through in the loops and why it makes so much sense for her to fall for the ronnin? Could you please elaborate on that?

@Anubhav_Chauhan Baron locked Tosh in time loop for giggles

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Ok, I’m going to try explaining it. Keep in mind that the time loops thing is still vague and also a bit ass pull so something will be a my assumption

Toshio/e time loop adventures
  • Loop 0: the cook is murdered. Tosh investigates on his/her own, Heartless Hound style, questions (and tortures) Borgia, Saburo and the other servant (Daisuke/Geiko, depends on your choice in book 1). The night comes and the trial starts, Tosh accuses the Baron, the Baron accuses Tosh; as Tosh was so ruthless during the investigation, no one belive him/her. Tosh is executed on the guillotine. The Baron rings the bell and resets the loop.
  • Others loops: Tosh and the Baron are the only ones with their memories intact. Tosh tries again to frame the Baron. Tosh fails (assumption: and dies) every time.
  • Loop X: Tosh tries the memory device to discover everyone alibis. Ronin’s turn: the device shows that time where he/she ate the other orphans; the Ronin goes mad and kills everyone (except the Baron). The Baron resets the loop.
    Following loop: Tosh belives the Baron was tricking him/her with the Ronin’s fake memories.
  • Other loops: (assumption) Tosh doesn’t even bother to try. Tosh decides to spend the loop knowing better his/her companion.
  • Loop Y: Tosh gets the Ronin drunk. Tosh learns that the cannibalism episode is true.
  • Other loops: Tosh and the Ronin grow closer. They have a lot of sex.
  • Loop Z:(assumption) Tosh has an epiphany: What if the Ronin lead the investigation?
  • Final loop: the event of book 3, the Ronin breaks the loop.

I mean, I guess they ended up spending so much time together that they eventually ended up falling in love with them. We don’t know the exact specifics. But, I don’t find it that hard to believe. Tosh even admits that they found the ronnin attractive when they first meet you at the inn.

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That’s odd. Tosh mentioned in my playthrough that they didn’t cross that line in Book 5.


They did not make love


Pretty sure Tosh says to the ronin that they never went past kissing.


I wonder why Ronin think that she/he make love with Toshio/e. because during their travel,It’s clear they have never crossed friendzone until book 5.Maybe I miss something.

I mean, they did cross the “friendzone” (I really hate this term) a couple times. Like, the “happy endings” in book 3 and 5, and Toshio also said they shared some spicy moments in Baron’s Island, during the time loops.


I mean in Ronin’s viewpoint that they never have cross this line (From book 2 to book 3 you will see that they stuck in Friendzone) . I wonder why Ronin talk with Toshio/e as if they have a lot of sex in book 5.

In book 5 Toshio/e admit that He/she has never make love with Ronin in Baron’s Island.It’s mean That moment they still stuck in Friendzone .

The word “friendzone” is really funny when discussing a story that takes place in the (fictional) past. But in the case of Tosh, it doesn’t apply. While the ninja and the MC didn’t have sex during any of the timeloops at the Baron’s mansion, it’s implied that they did just about everything short of it. That’s why Tosh is so skilled at massaging MC and so forth.

MC was under the assumption that they did make love during that time, and Tosh corrects them.


Can someone please explain to me what the answer is here? I am usually able to get these but this one is completely eluding me for some reason.

I tried “Hide” “Help” “Shit” “Manure”. I tried the name of the general, the samurai person from book 3, and the farmer girl who made the jacket. I don’t know what else to do.

I think it was “cart”.


Nope. Just tried that. :pensive: