Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 (Patreon/Early Access info on Post 1297!)



So. I saw one other person post this but no one’s responded to it and I’m having the same problem. For some reason I can’t transfer over my saves from Book 2 to 3, but the game does show my saves from book 1. I’m playing all three games through Steam.


If you saved them with a email address you can retrieve your saves from choice of games.


oh. my. god.

I can’t save him? god, I lost four hours of my life trying to do this and now… oh my god.


I tried that but it always fails, both with uploading and retrieving. I’m really not sure why it’s not working.


Try to contact Hosted Games support with the relevant email address and (I guess?) they should be able to check what files are available on the system :satellite:


It’s official, these games NEED some kind of save system, even a simple checkpoint at the beginning of each chapter would do. Chugging through the entire story 2-4 times just to get different endings/results was excrutiating. I don’t usually do extra rounds but the game was good enough to convience me otherwise. I like lengthy games as much as the next person but when you combine that with replayability, on a game WITHOUT CHECKPOINTS, that’s just cruel man. Jun-level sadism.


How can I save Ige? :cry:


I am screaming… I am SCREAMING. (MAJOR Spoiler: What happens after defeating the demon.) We forgot JUN/KO?! Holy hiffle! I honestly was not expecting that, and I’m kind of horrified! (Spoiler: Relates to the first spoiler.) Especially after what we found out! I feel like that would have been a character defining moment! And what’s going to happen when Jun/ko comes back?! @MultipleChoice, you are a cruel genius with words, I swear.

…while I understand that men released from their shackles tend to panic at their new found freedom… (Spoiler: For chapter 12.) I can’t help but be a little annoyed at how the ronin reacts to the Jigoku’s LACK of reaction. They are more than that technique, and have been proving it throughout all three books! So, while I can understand it, I find it pathetic.


Tbh I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this book? I have some questions. A poster earlier said they got Toshio’s happy end, what exactly does that mean? As far as I can tell, you can end up in a romantic relationship with him, but aside from a couple of words, we leave at the end to find Jun, yes?

I’m also a little confused about the part where Hatch takes over for Shatao. Did Hatch just randomly decide that he was going to take over the role of Shatao, without consulting anyone?
Did all the samurai below not see MC kill Shatao on the spot?

And I’m also a little confused on how the ending constitutes a genre shift. Correct me if I’m wrong,
but there are still 2 demons left that need slaying. The next 3 books will still need to center around the MC and their squad even if they’re not together in the same place. Unless Devon plans to tell the story from multiple different perspectives? Even so I feel like that will be extremely difficult and disorienting, since there’s too many perspectives to choose from. Two or three is manageable, but at this rate we’ll have at least 5.


I have to wait until like mid-December before I have time to play due to exams (:cry:), but I’m seriously worried. :confused: I’ve tried not to spoil myself so I’ve mainly just been exposed to the threads overall feel/warnings about tears and feels. And I have no idea of how worried I should be from a scale from 0 to the Jun/Masashi scene at the at the end of Book 1/start of Book 2 :worried:

I swear if one of the (Fearsome) Five permanently dies I will flip my s**t. D:
…tbh that statement cover the entire series.

With all the trials MC & Co have been exposed to (and probably will for this book and the next 3) I would say they deserve a happy ending, so that’s what I’m crossing my fingers for.


Regarding some of your questions i think hatch had a spiritual attunement to the point that he decided to take over the generals role so that he can save all the villages from corrupt politicians and most of the people that stayed behind were ur allies since the rest of the samurais ran which im still confused about tbh >.> which is why i think at the end the ronin did get there jigoku ito style back but still needs to find jun/ko to get there killing streak back i think not entirely sure >.>


Unfortunately no im sorry :frowning:


For all those interested in a particular character dying, Ige cannot be saved. His death is a big part of MC’s motivation going forward.

I know we’ve got a lot of perfectionists here! I’ll make sure to get an achievement guide with info on how to save Daisuke/Keiko next week.


Thank you so much!!! Been dreading a replay in case i get them killed again ;______;


I feel you. I wasted a couple of hours on it as well. The best you can do is save 4 of them. There is even an achievement for that.


One of my first choice games I played was the first game… It’s come so far :sob:


Spotted an error in chapter 5. Toshio’s gender is incorrectly labelled as Toshie here "“Yes, let’s continue,” Toshie replied, “until you’re forced to face true justice!” "


I wonder, with how things went and are going, would there be true Jun/ko route? I mean, Jun/ko’s entire goal is to kill MC, so I assume anything with them is going to end poorly. Yet with the big revelation by Sensei!Kitsune, would MC be more understanding of what they did wrong (ie. leaving Jun/ko) and lighten Jun/ko up despite the Itto Ryo being all batty. I think at least once in the start of Book 2 Jun/ko’s eyes went back to normal so I doubt they’re 100% gone. Maybe like 90%.

I’m just incredibly curious because boy howdy am I a thirsty for that yandere personality.


Same xD srsly tho my Ronin is gunning for them ever since book 2… What can i say yanderes intrigue me especially if they have a sick obsession with the protag lol xD thank God this is fiction…


I’ll put this under a cut, since it’s so long.

Starting off, the island segment was a tiny bit of a drag, but I chalk that down to having excessively played the demo and being a perfectionist about my ronin’s response; calculated stoic, I didn’t think it’d be that hard to figure it out! The deduction segments were nicely done and enjoyable, which was a surprise since I’m a shoddy detective. Most importantly, spirit animal armor! When my ronin was geared up like a ninja, I was thrilled.

The battle against the illusion of Gensai was great. The favorite instrument playing in the background made it all the more dramatic, and the dialogue between the ronin and former teacher had me absorbed. After the battle, when my ronin wondered whose katana he was holding, I was like… What?! He forgot?! Definitely wasn’t expecting that one.

Later on, when your companions danced around the subject of the name carved into you, I was pulling at my hair. How am I going to protect all of you when I technically don’t know there’s danger?! Ignoring that, the bonding moments between the companions and the ronin were nice. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting Jun to show up in the middle of learning how to read or getting a massage, though. At the very least I was expecting a courier to run by with Momoko’s tongue in a box.

Toshio came on very strong this time around, which caught me off guard. I was half tempted to pursue a romance with him, but I’ve been holding out for a potential Masashi romance. Toshio did make it difficult to say no, I’ll give him that. Then a farmer wanted my ronin to wed his daughter, and Kohaku was being not so subtle with his admiration, and I was thinking, “What cologne is my ronin wearing?”

Reading the part where the ronin was on their knees in the village after attacking Shatao, and the other parts afterwards where the ronin was similarly beaten down, was very frustrating. The ronin’s failure to end the farmer’s life quickly was hard to read, especially when they had to call upon one of the students to finish the job. I could definitely feel the humiliation my ronin was.

The real kicker was failing to save Ige; Daisuke, Hatch, Nishi, and Kohaku had all gotten through with only Nishi being injured in my playthrough, and I was expecting Ige to come out alive as well. The description of his death was heartbreaking, and I was left reeling. The moment where the ronin could say “I am nothing but the wielder of my katana” while watching Ige be killed pretty much crushed me.

The final moments can be described with one word; wow. The ronin harming their own students, then proceeding to shove a katana through Shatao’s throat, Hatch taking Shatao’s place, while Masashi gets a happy reunion with his sister, and then my ronin decides to take the opportunity to quietly slip out to face the past. I can only imagine Masashi’s reaction when he finds out his bodyguard is absent on the job again. Let’s not forget poor Toshio, failing to stop the ronin from leaving, and the students… Well, I didn’t expect it to end like that!

With less paragraphs I’ll say this was a very well written entry. It felt much longer than the past two, which was a pleasant surprise. I definitely enjoyed reading it.