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It did have a sequel I believe, or a spin-off. But either way, the author did make another story in the same universe


He took the general’s place because if he didn’t the rest of the army would continue being scum and doing whatever they pleased. Like rape, pillage, murder, etc.

This way pretending to be the general he can at least control them and steer them in a better direction or at least reduce the amount of bad shit they do.


Yet it is ok to be depicted in movies and certain shows? I can understand if the game didn’t disclaimer beforehand as a warning, and people having a problem with that… Or if it were in poor taste like giving the player character an option to engage in these horrendous acts, but if it is to highlight the evil of the villain I think it is fair game.


Can only speak for myself here when I say I avoid those books and films, so no, it is not O.K. ‘in my book’.


@ghost3337 I think we have to stop cropping up this issue. Some people have their own limits in terms of some sensitive topics that they would like to avoid when playing a game. We cannot compelled them to be indifferent to such topics since they are largely affected.


Questiooondon’t know if it’s been answered yet but is there a way for Mc to use jigoku in book 3, I’ve tried lowering attoment to 40% in all books but still no luck :\


Nope. From what I remember after playing through it multiple times you don’t really get to use the Jigoku since it seems as if the ronin is slowly losing the ability to use it. Buuuuuut… From what the implications is at the ending, it seems as if the 4th book will have the ronin going to seek out Jun/ko in an attempt to go back to who he/she was before meeting Masami, Hatch, Toshie and the others. A ruthless assassin for hire.


Wasn’t it likely that jun/ko could have killed general Shatao during their first encounter outside Tanimura village, if she wanted to? The General said she killed some of her best men. Or maybe she just fled. But is it possible to flee from battle after you release the Hell’s release style ? Also, I wonder what happened to Momoko? Would be pretty sad if she died,afterall she saved the MC’s and Hatch’s life as well.


Pretty sure she is still alive but her tongue was cut out by Jun/ko from what book 3 said in Jun/ko’s POV at the beginning.

But as for Shatao, I think what happened is that after he saw the Hell’s Release, he ran away. Jun/ko isn’t the type that would be running from a battle, no. More like he/she will fight right to the bitter end even if it would mean their death.


Like Michael have said, Momoko seems to be alive but unfortunately, her tongue was cut off.

Some have speculate that the Demon that possessed the General might have known that demon that resides within Jun/ko so they might have reach a consensus not to kill each other. But all of this is a speculation. We might be know why Jun/ko let him live during Book 4 or onwards.

PS. Hope you could blur some spoilery stuff in your post.:smiley:


The Ronin lost their edge after the memory wipe the Kitsune did. I think Book 4 Will be about the Ronin getting their edge back in order to fight and / or kill and potentially also use the jigoku again. But they won’t be who they were before.

Meeting the characters and going on this adventure with them has changed the Ronin. They won’t be just an assassin with no one to care about.


Also I don’t think that’s how the Jigoku works. I don’t think they’re possessed. They just fight like a demon.

And the Ronin called themselves one metaphorically since they were a killing machine using the jigoku.


Well the last book had the ronin thinking he/she was weak because of the personality change and the memory wipe. Even Toshie pointed it out that the ronin seemed to be kinder and smiling more, but the ronin didn’t like that at all. And if you played as a brutal ronin, it’s kind of clear from the inner monologues that the ronin does want to go back to who they were at the beginning. That’s why we went to seek out Jun/ko, and also to help/kill them depending on the reader’s perspective. (Please, no more of that help or kill Jun/ko debates again.)


Possible but how did the General survive that is the question. I just don’t think they would let them go just like that. I think the reason why Momoko was spared because Momoko has a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with the Ronin and they probably want to see the Ronin suffer.


Personally from what I’ve seen on Shatao’s character and how he acts, I’d say it was likely that once he sent his men to fight Jun/ko, he remained behind confident that his men would easily cut down a single person but when he saw Jun/ko using the Jigoku, he got scared and promptly ran away. Why would someone like Shatao who has the endgame of taking the throne risk their life fighting a insane demon that could cut him down like a hot knife carving through butter? During the first fight between Shatao and the ronin, Shatao actually said that the one with the Jigoku would had cleanly cut his arm off after the ronin hesitated.


Yeah.That makes sense😅


I understand that perfectly, but that goes both ways. As I said if there is a disclaimer beforehand giving the consumer an idea of what to expect, I don’t see the issue. The game gives the option not to go, didnt force you into anything. Now I would be very sympathetic and agree if it came out of no where.


I suppose they didn’t expect that it will go that dark. In the end, it happened and we can’t really changed their view in the matter. :frowning:


For those of us who don’t frequent the author’s web page Multiple Choice Studios, I’ll leave this snippet with you.

(The full article can be read here)

So, which characters do you think we’ll be seeing again in Book 4?


Oh! I’m wondering if the bar owner from the first book will come back you know, the one who tried to stand up to Jun/ko and ended up getting their hand stabbed with a chop stick.