Samurai of Hyuga Book 3 (Patreon/Early Access info on Post 1297!)



I think we are going to see Jun/ko in book 3 especially after how the ending went. And I believe it’s been confirmed that he/she will be a RO but I’m not too sure. Might need some confirmation from someone that does know for sure.


I think Devon haven’t confirm if Jun/ko is a RO.


Well Jun/ko should be. Lol some people wants Jun/ko while others wants Masami. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m on the Masa train for (potential RO), but I also don’t want anything to happen between them and the MC in the game itself, if that makes sense. Honestly I’d be happy with a small addendum at the very last epilogue where a time skip would be acceptable imo. “And then they decided to give this crazy thing a shot” and so forth.


We know at least the next book is about Junko and the Ronin’s past. If the they become a RO or even live through the next book is up in the air…

Samurai of hyuga next book?

Hi people, I’m new to this forum. Let’s get right to business, I just finished Samurai of hyuga,book 3
2 days ago and I’m already pretty desperate. I mean the ending there got like no other choice of games except fategaven. Only thing I wanna know is when is the next book going to be released? I would be really grateful if anyone replied. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Give it a year at the very least. The game just came out recently didn’t it?


Could we expect it to release in late 2018? The demo perhaps?


Also, what other games do some of you suggest while I wait for the next book?


I can’t give any solid details since I’m a fan like you are, but you can check out this thread here if you’d like to learn more! Samurai of Hyuga Book 3

As to other games… really depends on what kind of genre you like, though as someone who’s played pretty much every CoG and HG release since Choice of Broadsides was a new thing, I can honestly say you can’t really go wrong. :slight_smile:


You might want to check the author’s web page for any updates, etc.


Assuming it goes by the same development cycle as 3 (not the safest assumption), it’s going to be about one year and a month before it’s close to release. This assumes unforeseen delays, like the author getting sick or the massive backlog COG is going to get hit with due to the contest, don’t end up delaying things further (again, not a safe assumption).

For things similar in style to Samurai of Hyuga, I can only really turn to the author’s first release under HG (Fatehaven). Devon has a very distinct voice that isn’t really present in the rest of the catalog. For similar levels of darkness and intense imagery, I’d say the Deathless series scratches a somewhat similar itch.


I’m still wondering what happened to Hatch though. I mean we haven’t gotten much scenes after his spiritual attunement and he taking the place of General Shatao seems a bit too dramatic. I guess Satsuma would have it already planned as to who would be the next general after the MC kills Shatao. Also I wonder what made the MC forget the jigoku in the first place. Is it because he/she forgot about junko?


From my own interpretation since the Ronin forgotten their past, they also forgot why they learned Jigoku in the first place. This is probably why in Book Four, it will concentrate more on Jun/no and our past to re-learned the technique.
I think the Baron’s power is more than forgetting your past IMO.

P. S. You could blur some parts out since some of it are spoilers but I think it is safe to say majority have already play this?


Sorry, but how do you blur the text again ?


Put the text in between [ spoiler] and [/ spoiler] without the spaces, I believe.


Any idea what’s gonna happen to hatch? I mean wouldn’t Satsuma have an alternative for the General?


My guess is that we will leave him there for a bit (maybe for the whole game) and focus on just the Robin and Jun/ko but he will probably return


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Like this.


Choice of deathless was supposed to have a sequel right ?