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Oh god, I need to sit down. -is in the feels blanket fort- This was really, really good! I mean yeah I understand a lot of peoples concerned with certain subject matter that cropped up. I appreciate how the Author came in a explained his justification, which I deeply appreciate. Such as Kumi, I adored her, and I hate what happened to her happened but, it ripped my heart out, but I figured it was to highlight just how far these men of supposed honor have fallen, and yeah I just thought samurai were supposed to be selfish and corrupt but until that moment I didn’t think they were that horrible. Yeah, people who follow orders despite the needs of the innocent or corrupt where they might take form those in need. But to think they are that horrible. I now relate wholeheartedly with the MC in the sense of hatting the current Samurai system of the story and will now forever have an immediate distrust of any samurai character he might introduce in the future. So while it did rip my heart out, it had an impact on me in that sense.

Though the largest hit to my feels and feel free to judge me for it, was what we learned about Jun/ko. Like holy crap, I gasped like some sort of soap opera diva when I asked Sensei why he would choose my gal to be his heir.and found out what Jun/ko’s father likely did to them. I’ve only done my hetro calculating, charming Chivalrous, lady MC route (finals prep has sucked up a lot of time I would prefer to be curled up with this book, a cup of tea and fruit tart. So I’ve yet to see my MC who has Junko as their ex-lover if the phrase of their father’s “weakness” -cringes- changed based on their gender. Though assuming that it does change based on their gender, it just put the whole first scenes in Book 2 in a whole new light.

Like oh my god, it put a whole new sad and dark tilt on their obsession with Masa and the MC’s attachment and concern for them. Let alone almost all of the lines took a whole new context. LIke their obsession thinking the MC is attached to their innocence, something Jun/ko never had the chance to have. Their jealousy now I think comes from someplace far darker than their insanity. And oh gosh that made me cry a little for them.

It by no means JUSTIFY, anything they have done, but god it does make me sympathize with them and want to do something to help. Just something. (which is why I nearly teared up when Devon dropped the hint that there might be a moment to offer comfort and reconcile with them in relation to this. Again this is a thing that I was able to relate with the MC when their heart practically broke apart after talking to the memory of their Sensei and broke down realizing they never saw or noticed what had happened to Jun/ki when they might have been reaching out to them in possibly more than just a sexual way. (Though kids that’s been through something as horrible as that, they have a lot of trouble socially connecting beyond that if they develop an attachment to someone. There is a social stunting and warping that comes from such acts that I’ve read up on in a number of psychology and sociology classes I’ve had that just makes my heart hurt thinking of it.)

Though that does make me wonder what made Jun/ko fixate on the MC or fall in love with them? Could the MC have one of their frequent laps of kindness and did something kind for Jun. (such as tending to an injury they gotten after training.) or was it something else? WAs it simply the fact they were there or could it even be that at first the MC was someone they could beat and they were attracted to the power dynamic that someone was weaker than them? I’m personally voting for the first one, just cause gosh darn it I hope there was some fluff in that relationship at one point!

Though yes I’m still reeling. I’m going to have to do a route just for an MC wanting to reconcile with Jun/ko, Tosh was my last run which I so get peoples feels for the end there cause that made my heart break there too. Pretty much this whole book broke my heart and I don’t regret it. I have my fingers crossed the next one will patch some of it up at least!


That is exactly the issue I think some of us have with it. It was not to further our girls, but rather our men.

Moving on, I shall now try to figure out how to save Dai, can I muster another playthrough. :disappointed_relieved:


I save all of them (not Ige obs) doing this:

Tran them to have movement.
Focus on Ige’s feet to have a perfect test on him.
Before the arena, I said I didn’t teach them any offence.
Nishi survived, but just passes the score and I didnt get the perfect, still trying to figure how to get it, I think it might be if you fight her in a different way when you encounter her in the village.
For Daisuke, I told him to keep his distance. Choosing this vs “stab everything” made him be out of range for the gunpowder and save his life. Also got a perfect in his test.
For Hatch, I nod to him to kill the farmer, then I told him having a katana and not use it is something I could never understand. Aaaaand then, told him I believe on him against Goro. That gave me a perfect score.


Differences of opinions are a matter of perspective. One thing’s for certain, playing this game has been an emotional rollercoaster ride.

I'm making an assumption based on statistics, and based on discussions I have had with people I won't be naming:

1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men are raped. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 8 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. SoH is one of the more popular series under CoH or the HG label. I’ve had private discussions with other CoH readers, and many of them, including myself, have had experiences with sexual assault or even rape.

While it would be nice if I knew ahead of time what sort of media did and did not have accidents, I am realistic on that. But I’m aware that my trauma is not one that is shared by as many people as this sort of trauma, and it makes sense that people do not focus on warning people about the inclusion of car accidents. As someone else said, this game was not listed as mature, and the previous games had warnings but did not reach this level of content. I don’t understand why it’s so controversial to include warnings about content. It’s not like I’m saying that we should censor the game or something ludicrous like that.

The obsession with her breasts is actually the reason I feel uncomfortable recommending this series to my friends. It almost turned me off entirely on getting this new book, and is the reason I felt surprised when this book got so much more violent. Like, I know the series has violence and “sexual themes” but in the two previous books it was not on the level of rape. This is the same series that has a “perverted” stat.

This isn’t real life. A book is written intentionally, and everything that happens in a book is chosen by the author for a reason. If you’re going to include that for any reason besides character or plot development, then it was implemented for shock value or because the author just felt like it. If you decide to include it for the character development of a character, then it makes sense that the character this actually happened to would have feelings about it too. It’s poor writing to include violence against female supporting characters for the purpose of influencing a male character’s development. I hope that she appears in future books and has further development, because I think that doing so would at least retroactively make this incident less “disposable woman”-y, and, if Devon chooses to explore this, could open up the opportunity to write about how women’s traumas and their effects on them are ignored. I certainly hope that’s what he ends up doing.


I didn´t even know the game was out until today. Damn CoG and their laziness to update the roster of upcoming games. Anyway it was instant buy because I love this series.


Ah, did all of that save one thing. Cheers! :blush:


Exactly, a book is writing intentionally, and that intention might be that you, as an author, want to reflect a part of real life in your book, like a situation that happen for no reason. The fact that is unfair just makes it more real, and in my opinion, much better. Because that frustration, that anger against that scene, is exactly what I would feel in real life, and I appreciate the honesty and the rawness of it.

But anyway, Devon himself explained the reasons of that scene. If you still think is poor writing, then I think is just a matter of your own opinion.


““Changed my mind.” I grabbed Masashi’s spoon away from her and pointed it with killing intent at the butler.””

It should be “him”.


@MultipleChoice You sir. Are a monster. I JUST WANTED EVERYONE TO LIVE. :cry:


While I am not done yet … (replayed several times and so far at least managed to avoid most spoilers …) I need someone to spoiler me on one particular thing… please!!

After the island, after the village … when the team heads to the arena and you end up fighting the samurai … you get the choicels… Spirit, Mind and grayed out option (can never remember how to spell it). I figured I’ll take “mind” because that was some kind of aspect Toshio focused on in the first part of the book. WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROPER TERM?? I was stumped and stared at the text filed for minutes … couldn’t think of a darn thing. I tried a few, nothing worked. NOW, the question is, is there a correct term or is it always a fail? Is there something you can do or is the part where ‘he’ always dies. (Yes, couldn’t save meself from this spoiler … ) If anyone knows, please spoil me. Pretty please because it is driving me nuts!



You can’t save Ige no matter what choices you make.


Thanks, that defiantly answer one of my questions. But I am wondering does it always end up with the MC being hurt/cut as well?So far all terms I used had him going “until the pain started…”


Not entirely sure. It could be referring to an emotional pain caused by loss or a physical one. Our MC basically went nuts after what happened and chances are during their rampage they stopped caring about their own well being.


Regarding the description, it’s quite physical and stems from a sword… and right before “it” happens.
I suppose it doesn’t matter really, because I doubt I’ll ever figure out a word that would actually be correct anyway … :frowning:


If you mean the moment before Ige’s death, then no. The MC doesn’t always get hurt. I chose help from my spirit animal (alligator) and got covered in armor which protected MC. Aaaaand she inmediately realizes the flaw in that it doesn’t protect him too. Cue the horror and drama.


I do wonder how the others reacted to the ronin leaving them all behind to search out Junko and to try to get the Jigoku Itto-Ryo back. It was already clear that the kid knew something was up but then that was when she saw her sister again. Toshie already tried to stop the ronin from leaving by saying that he should see that he had a future with her. Hatch… Well I feel bad about attacking him and leaving a scar on his face but he got in the way when the ronin went berserk after witnessing Ige being killed. I got a feeling he’ll be fine leading an army of samurais with Kohaku. Borgia, Nishi and Daisuke… Well I also got a feeling that they’ll end up staying with the kid or Hatch when the ronin is somewhere else on his own. The duel with Junko probably is going to end up being the most intense scene of the entire series and I’m looking forward to it. Ige’s death most likely will torture the ronin’s mind because he could had done something to save his life but he failed to do so and he’s pretty angry that the kid was also attacked by Junko but he can’t remember exactly what happened and the fact that he tried to talk to Toshie and the kid about it but they completely avoided the subject so he may be a little resentful towards them for that. The entire thing reminds me of Spike from Cowboy Bebop where most of the series, Spike is trying to avoid his past but in the end, he had to face it. I also made up my own fan fiction ending in my mind where the ronin ends up killing Junko and the demons, saving Hyuga but in the end, he’s pretty wrecked by guilt after what he has done so he chooses to commit suicide, dying alone when the others are celebrating the ronin’s victories not knowing what he’s about to do. I’m a sucker for sad endings, I know but oh well.

Sorry for the long post. Lol


Thanks! I gave up on “Mind” and tried Spirit and yeah, the same outcome. But even though the scene was tragic, at least my MC wasn’t as completely inapt as with the failed mind check …

I do have to ask though, someone mentioned a “happy ending” with Tosh/ie? Is this … a reference to a previous scene or an actual “happy ending” of book 3?

Additional wall of text - sorry!

Also - I have two playthroughs/characters going. One who had an eye on Tosh from the start and another who cannot help but still love Jun. While my Tosh focused character finally got somewhere (though the ending really is heartbreaking … I am worried about my Jun route in this book.

Is it just me or does anyone else really hope that there will be some sort of happy ending for MC and Jun/ko? I know they are messed up but I can’t help feel sorry and sympathy and like my character can relate. They are both broken. And while MC actually got a second chance… Jun/ko didn’t. Alone, abandoned, unwanted … with a touch of madness. The only thing that keeps them going is their power and the instinct to survive and a memory. Whether or not that memory has been twisted is a different question.

And while someone said that killing the MC seems to be their highest goal … I just don’t feel that way.
I feel they are lost. I feel they are not complete. If they would have wanted to kill the MC they could have … easily, as we have seen.
Dear Devon, Jun/ko needs some loving … in every possible way.
I have the tendency to pick/enjoy the underdogs and especially in movies, 90% of the characters I love … die. Dear Gods, I hope this won’t be one of those (or at least not without providing a choice.) We need some happy endings in this world…

Aside from that though, I still don’t quite get why the MC became so helpless. If you play for attunement and get it high enough (I suppose) you take on an aspect of your spirit against the baron. You get off the island and lose your memories but NOT of the spirit but Jun and the darn technique I can’t spell. Why can’t you do anything really in regards to your spirit? Why not use any of it before that final moment? Argh, it bugs me and the worst thing is … here is to another year of waiting XD


Dont worry ur not alone lol… im also hoping for a happy ending with jun/ko as hard and impossible as it is tho if there is a chance, no matter how hard it is to get the option, im taking it lol! As for the mc also irked me too but i think its die to the fact after losing their memories they lost the drive to kill like they still cn fight but not as well or as vicious when they had to struggle to survive


I think MC remembered Jun/ko when they saw Ige being beheaded in front of them. That shook their memory; I remember they saying something like “a red line like the one Jun/ko made on Masa” or something like that. So, there’s that.

And to everyone asking how do you get Toshio/Toshie’s happy ending: go to google, type massage happy ending… No, wait. How old are you? Shit!