Samantha Withers VS Jeese Whitaker

The Bratty Girl VS The Jerky Boy

They are both kinda annoying to you in Choice Of Vampire;
which one do you prefer?

Jesse’s just…unsettling. While Samantha did kind of have her nose in the air at times, I think she came off as infinitely more sympathetic.

Samantha. She has that air of authority,which I don’t like usually, but I found that she was appealing. Maybe sympathetic? She does care a lot for those who don’t cross her.

I liked Sammy even though she can be kinda stupid sometimes.

Really? I really liked Jesse xD
My awesome manipulative broadmate :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess I’m perfectly weird :]

Now that I’m thinking about it, me and Jesse had that bro-bond. :]

I thought Jesse was kind of a dick. Which makes him my best friend. Lol.

I really think that even though he was really mean, he’s still my boy. That said, Samantha isn’t very smart, and easily persuaded in most matters, and was kind of annoying if you helped Jesse.

It’s not like there wasn’t a reason for her being annoying. You DID help embarrass her.

My favorite part was when you get tos say, “Vampires so not posses the feelings you describe.” what a great “GET OWNED!” moment.

I personally liked Jesse better because he seemed hurt in a way. I think it was implied that he fell in love with his “food” and when he asked to turn her, she was killed like how (Spoiler ahead) Clotho is killed if you ask for permission to turn her.

He just seem like he was hiding compassion and sensitivity. Samantha just came off as stupid and air-headed…

I like jesse, could be because I like his jerk type attitude. It made him more appealing! Samantha just seemed spoiled and on a power trip!

Samantha all the way; you think Jesse would have helped me grieve over the loss of Silas?

I like Jesse, for some reason he makes me laugh. Escpecially when you aren’t getting along with him. :wink:

I prefer Jesse but I always feel sorry for Samantha as well. I’m hoping to meet Jesse soon again.

I prefer Jesse, I liked how different he felt from the rest of the power hungry vampires, and he seemed to be a bit of a jerk which added to a level of, “Ooh a jerk, lets see what he does next in the game!”

I like Jesse. I find his attitude appealing. Is there some sort of way to make him a love interest?

I totally agree about making Jessie a love interest!

Yup I found jesse more appealing, even when he was giving me death glares XD
I both wanted to get him mad and make him like me lol
Though feel sorta sorry for samantha

I like Samantha and wasn’t happy that I could stay in the town and make her I love interest as my slave turn vampire left and I had to go after him