Saga of the North Wind help


Ugh how do you close the portal? When I go into the portal the lady asks for a supplicant then I ll choose something and she hurries up and leaves


It’s easier if you have a high dominance. I always say ‘I wish to speak to the eight’ and she leaves. When she leaves a barrier should appear. If you have a high dominance pick ‘strike the barrier’. If you have a high cunning pick ‘examine the barrier’. You’ll reach another area and decide which path you take according to your highest stat. Then, another area where you can decide whatever you want regardless of stats. Finally, you’ll reach the eight. They’ll offer to give you their power in exchange for ‘x’ amount of tribe members. If Svarog likes you enough (or you have a talisman) you can shut the portal. If you want to win the game by having the eight help you instead of the Steppe gods, then sacrifice the tribe members.


Aight boys I’m stuck what are all the good deeds I can do cuz it looks like I’m missing one I freed all the bandits, protected both towns u come across, gave the lady her staff honored drazha when she died closed the portal and had the ice brothers aim for peace I have over 80 cunning and I don’t know what I’m missing.


Here is how to become the gods :

[spoiler] First you need to survive the trials, one way is to take the options the OP stated, with either 65 dominance or cunning. At the end of the trial to become perun, you need either 50 piety and 60 unity or vice versa, for chernobog it’s the same just with piety and glory.

PS. The aunt CAN’T be romanced [/spoiler]


Tnx man been trying to figure it out


what choices would lead you to have full dominance?


I absolutely dont know how I can manage to get 50% unity at all… I try to pick every option that may allow for that, through the gladiator route, but I can’t get it past 15-20-30% at most, and the more I get the harder it gets to get piety over 30-40%… Does anyone know a viable route for deification? :confounded:



I actually managed to get over 50% piety, but I’m still lost on how or what is needed so to.get 50% unity… :pensive:


Hello there!

To get unity you have to help your tribe or put their needs above yours. For example At the beginning - if I recall it correctly - if you distribute the wealth of the captured members of the tribe / main enemy clan to yours / members of your clan as reparation for their losses that would count as one, as well as encouraging your tribe by speech, regaling tales, strengthening the tribe by having others join it. Although, I am not 100%, played it a pretty long time ago.

But I think there is an explanation about what counts as unity in the menu, when it becomes relevant.

When some members of your tribe are enslaved and you get them back that counts as unity as well.


I’m not sure but I think it would be best to avoid the gladiator route if you’re going for unity, because in the gladiator route all you seem to get is glory.


Mmh indeed, even going through the settlement for travelers I can not get Unity past 30% before the valley’s cave… :confounded: Partying with the tribe, telling tales and adding people to our ranks is not adding to Unity at all :dizzy_face:


Hmmm… Let me check it. Ironically, for me unity is easy to come by, I finished last time with 75… And those are the choices I usually make. With that the “counter” starts with 30 unity but almost nothing else.

Have you tried contacting the author for some tips?

BTW what choices did you make?

[spoiler]Here are the choices that gave me unity, starting from chapter 3:
-Have Vanya convince Keska join your tribe, after I tried to persuade her (+5 unity)
-Convince the people of Banner bridge to join you for this you have to get some of them before the attack (+5 unity)
-After Bannerbridge there is a group of travellers, to them I suggested to join us (+5 unity)

  • Convinced Myrshala to make peace with Stonerun, + healing her which goes for piety (+5 unity)
    -In the dream at Tar - domos, I choose at the end, about my tribe (+5 unity)
  • (N -> NE => W => Island) Anselm’s Landing
  • At the beginning of chapter after escaping Anselm’s landing/slavers I chose that the antagonist wants to destroy my tribe (+5 unity)
  • After Iorath I reason with the renegade (?) Black Wolves (+5 unity)
    -At the site of the ambush where you find a frozen skeleton (I can’t say where I am just running through the game) I prayed to Ziva for the food or just the command option against the enemy (+5 unity)
    -At the valley, the actual not the god version, I chose to rely on each other
    Preparing for the Black Wolves, -> Another option -> For the tribe (+5 unity)
    The choices before the 3rd chapter give points to unity, piety, glory.


Aah, I see! I always thought it started on 0%… I just ran a vicious Conan-esque play and managed to turn into Chernobog with 60+ piety, 40 glory and the evil choices.

Ill try again with a different approach and see how far it goes :laughing:


Good luck. :smile:

I haven’t been able to get Chernobog, but Perun once.

In my previous post you can find the unity choices that I found in my play through this time.

What I meant is until the beginning of chapter 3 you can’t see your destiny section but still you can get points.


I managed to become perun while go into the arena with the others i cant really remember how i went by it but just know its doable. I almost didnt make it because my unity was lacking and i didnt get it up all the way until i gave the speech ti the people when we just got to the land. Its somewhat hard to notice but everything u say will mostly likely impact ur progress


To get the forest lady’s staff you’ve got to have an at least decent relationship with the goddess Ziva, and travel northeast(?) to a small town in the marsh. Remember the floating town that had a bunch of eel foods? Yeah go where they tell you not to. The mayor of the town has the staff and if you cure him and his people from their sickness then he’ll reward you with the staff.

Sorry if I was a little confusing, hoped this helped though!


Actually you can also go back to Lillian who will give you a cure for the plague


Anyone have a guide for reaching different forest scenes?


Don’t know if it was answered. Hadn’t read all the posts. Staff of forest lady is in the hands of chieftain of diseased viligers somewhere in the Marches.


I’m trying to romance Thiana but I don’t know how, I’ve gone with her decision every time but I still don’t get any option of not anything