Royal Affairs expansion and all Hannah Powell-Smith games on sale!

@Jojo_DeRosa hello and welcome to the forum! I don’t have a plan for how long the series will be, but I am currently working on the next one, Honor Bound. There are some characters from Creme de la Creme, Royal Affairs, and in some very obscure hidden cases Noblesse Oblige, who are referred to or reappear as the games go on but I don’t have any plans to do sequels with the same PCs - if I make more games in the setting it will most likely be with new PCs and characters. So having children would be something that I will leave up to players to imagine, especially as it’s such a big life event.

@Richard_Wells amazing! I’m always excited when people return to replay!

@Sade98 eek! I hope if you end up getting it, that you enjoy it greatly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: