Royal Affairs Discussion Thread and Romance Guide (Spoilers Within)

If someone’s sowing ashes, it should be Asher.


Quick question I bought the royal favor for royal affairs and it doesn’t seem to work, any suggestions?

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How is it not working?

When you return to the game after making changes to your stats, you need to move at least one page forward in the story before you check your stats again for the changes to save. Then they should work correctly.

If the problem you’re having is something else, please write in to with more details.


On time this time - here is a blogpost about writing Hyacinthe! I think they’re probably the major character who I did the most work on during revisions and beta; I had a strong sense of them in my head and it was a good experience to spend some time figuring out how that could translate onto the page.

Random trivia: as with Dominique, I changed Hyacinthe’s name quite a lot. Trevelyan’s first name was originally going to be Hyacinthe; Hyacinthe’s name swapped around a bit at the very early stages and I considerd both Reese and Leandre for their name.


Thank you so much for continuing to share these!

I’ve always liked reading about people involved in the arts, so I was naturally quite drawn to Hyacinthe (which is the perfect name for them, by the way). They’re a little hard to pin down, in ways that I’m now gathering were both deliberate and not, but I always enjoyed their scenes. I thought they and Asher were so cute together, and usually helped them get together as long as I wasn’t romancing either one (and not too much of a snob). And it was especially fascinating for me to read about what you learned from writing Hyacinthe and how that will factor into your writing process in the future.


Your feedback was very instrumental in helping me clarify/develop some of their scenes so I’m really grateful for that!


Excellent blogpost indeed Hyacinthe’s properness and caution whenever they interact with the MC is quite understandable(as she is not the only one many people approach our MC with care in order not to risk anything out of politeness and not messing with the Royal child kind of self preservation) that it revolves around the education they received and how despite their expressive artistic front they can be particularly shy and introverted when it relates to deeper personal interactions, even when they open up with us unleashing that genuine face of hers is not easy task as reflected by the game stats.

On a side note Hyacinthe’s emotional conversations with the MC were great( fascinating to see people coming from different backgrounds with distinct experiences/values getting to know each other like if Asher and the protagonist didn’t have that close childhood bond at the start of the school arc), you’ve perfectly captured that closeness between the two Hannah, learning more about her family and artistic ambitions was on a way something I would have liked to get more of a peek for characters such as Beaumont, also enjoyed the tiny bits of lore contained on Hyacinthe’s dialogue about neighbouring nations and her plans to go there to grow professionally, she truly had her own path envisioned and didn’t(surprisingly) abused much her Royal connections not trying to advance her career at the cost of their relationship with the MC(even if Hyacinthe being so ambitious that wouldn’t struggle to use you the royal MC through sweetness and emotional manipulation would make for a nice little side plot).

On the political sense we don’t know where Hyacinthe’s stands, yes she is a dancer(an artist) far more concerned with her progress than many things that happen around her, which doesn’t mean she hasn’t a social eye but as her future comes first there is stuff that even if she notices she is silent about(being critical about the crown for example would have closed many doors for her) in order not to mess with her own dreams(being a perfect contrast to Trevelyan and similar in a sense to Dominique thought vastly different on what each one chooses to focus on-parties/social gathering.

Really have great memories overall of Hyacinthe’s route for me while not as amazing as Trevelyan’s(their Gallatin partner) she captured completely the creative school spirit and the struggles of live beyond the campus, far more focused than Dominique who is forced to take a path for those around them, Hyacinthe comes from a regular family and isn’t allow to stumble and watch the clouds for much as her dreams are waiting right in front of her only achievable through sheer skill.

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That’s so lovely, I’m very pleased that you connected with Hyacinthe - that was the sort of thing that I was going for when I wrote them :smile: As far as Hyacinthe’s political opinions, I think they lean towards being traditional, but it’s not something they think about very much other than through the lens of social etiquette - which is very political, of course, but not in the Parliamentary-politics sort of way. They aren’t much of a “booksmart” intellectual, and they feel a bit out of their depth and shy when they feel like they don’t have smart things to say about current events and that others have more incisive perspectives.

On an entirely other subject, would anyone like to see a very potted historical timeline of various relevant and some referenced events in the Creme de la Creme series? I ended up posting it on Tumblr today and thought I’d share it here too. There are absolutely gaps (among other things, I haven’t decided exactly when the Revekah Vasile imprisonment occurred) but it’s a start. I like comparing character ages and nerding out when I notice things like a Project Hotsprings character being the same age as the Noblesse Oblige PC, and such.

Lots of dates within
  • 1761: Project Hotsprings starts
  • 1758: Princess Josiane of Westerlin gets engaged to Lady Yael Forster
  • 1757: Zaledo gains universal suffrage
  • 1757: Royal Affairs PC starts attending Archambault Academy
  • 1755: Noblesse Oblige PC moves to the Isle of Teteriuk
  • 1755: Rosario del Quiros marries Potentate Darian of Jezhan or the Creme de la Creme PC
  • 1753: Creme de la Creme PC starts attending Gallatin College
  • 1746: King Georges of Westerlin dies
  • 1744: Prince Oliver of Westerlin born
  • 1739/40: Royal Affairs PC and other Royal Affairs students born
  • 1736: Queen Estell III crowned
  • 1735: Princess Josiane of Westerlin born
  • 1735/6: Creme de la Creme PC and other Creme de la Creme students born
  • 1734: Emil/Emily/Emile Karson born
  • 1733: Noblesse Oblige PC, Pascha Boroi, Tomi Danelak born
  • 1730: Rys Nectaria born
  • 1712: Queen Estell of Westerlin, King Georges of Westerlin, Fabien de Cadaret born
  • 1710-1713: Dahaikan Secession from Teran
  • 1652: Timothy Linwood attempts to assassinate King Gian of Westerlin, leading to the Linwood-Philippe exiles
  • 1485: Teranese Revolution and formation of the Church of Teran

Huh what surprises me most about the timeline is how late the Church of Teran was formed, SXV century does not give the institution much history compared to other religions on the setting I bet but their influence supposedly is incredible so a strange combination indeed.

Nice to see the years the characters were born in, Dahaikan Secession seems like one of the most important events of the list push for freedom and change of geopolitics, always liked the mentions in game to the Lingwood-Philippe exiles they tried their best at intrigue but failed miserably gotta wonder where they ended up(or if the crown did kill them just silently).

Stuff like if Westerlin gains suffrage or not was left up to the player so no official date on the timeline that was a daring move Hannah as that can change the timeline significantly.

And what is that Project Hotsprings about? Don’t remember reading about it, it is about espionage or something like a key word?

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“Project Hotsprings” is a working title for Mx. Powell-Smith’s next project, which takes place in a different part of the same world and features a somewhat older character than the previous games. There are hot springs. There is a cat you can pet. We may be learning more details soon.


So the tittle of Hannah’s next project gotcha, will have to wait and see but playing as older characters might be a good change of dynamic for the next entry, hotsprings culture is great hopefully it can be explored lengthly on the game.

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Sneak setting peek for those interested: the Church of Teran split from the Church of Jezhan back in the day (as encountered in Noblesse Oblige) and is now its own denomination.

There are some hotsprings in the new game though they do not play a major role :laughing: the cat, however, has been mentioned a few times so far. The new game is set in Teran, and you do indeed play an adult in it (you can choose between being in your twenties, thirties, or forties, though you’re always over 25 for life-career-experience related reasons that will become clear). I’m going to post more details about it in a couple of weeks’ time, but I’m getting antsy and impatient about keeping it under wraps so am sharing bits and bobs here and there when I feel like it.


I support and encourage this. Entirely for the sake of your mental well-being, obviously.


there is actually more than one cat


OMG cats


Guess I’ll go for the man on his mid 40’s, would love if there is some flavour text or extra passages depending if your character is older or younger(as well of those experiences particularly older MC’s lived compared to those still on their 20s).

About cats, those are always a community favourite you cannot go wrong with em, the fatter the cat the better(even if Fat Cat is already a trademark by themselves).

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There is :smile: among other things so far, it affects where you’re at in your job, timing of life events, some nuances related to pre-existing relationships and some differences in the ways in which other characters treat you. It’s really quite lovely and refreshing to be writing something with that flexibility, as of course the other Crème de la Crème games are much less so, and Blood Money never specifies.


Will the MCS be parents already(divorced or otherwise) at the beginning of the game if they are older? It is the perfect setting to narrate that moment of their lives, if our character is down on their luck and got recently the position on the Hotsprings people just might treat you worse the older you are.

There are lots of blanks to fill apparently so do your best Hannah!

No, the MC doesn’t have an option to already have children, but they will be able to have conversations about potential plans in that direction (without pushing it onto players/MCs who don’t want that; I’m very aware it’s an emotive subject that not everyone would want!)

I think I’ll wait to say more details until a couple of weeks’ time! :smile: