Royal Affairs Discussion Thread and Romance Guide (Spoilers Within)

Tarantula racing DLC…


Yes! Make it happen! :joy::joy::joy:


I vote for a Badger. A cranky grumpy badger that loves tummy rubs


I admit im excited to play my inner mean girl, aka Regina George.


I’m debating on doing a couple of playthroughs where I’m the stereotypical bratty Prince, a prince that gives the finger to the Queen and monarchy and finally a Prince that works to leapfrog over his sister in the line of succession.

That’s what I love about this story is that there are so many ways you can replay this and be a different MC each time


Are Javi’s sibling, Rosario and Rosario from CDLC the same person?




For those beta’ing the game, have you been able to get this achievement Retracted

And if so, how like what Powers of Persuasion did you focus on mainly to get that achievement. I’m stuck on that part

Haha i havent yet gotten playing far but im already curious of that one :joy:

I’d like to keep detailed discussion of the parts of the game later than the public demo (so Chapter 7 onwards, and anything I added during beta) for after the release, please - partly to avoid spoilers so people can come in fresh but also because it’s very subject to change at this stage.


Totally understandable, my apologies. I have removed what was in the spoiler and can delete the post if you wish.

No worries at all! :smile:

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And the Steam page is up! Please wishlist if you fancy it!


I’m feeling really pleased with some of the stuff I’m putting in during the beta. Admittedly my changelogs are becoming increasingly deranged during the month but I’ve added 27K+ more words. A lot of the words are spoilery but something that isn’t is that I’ve been making the romances feel more responsive and organic. Characters notice more if you’re dating other people and check in what your intentions are, and there’s a lot more flexibility about deciding to break up (sometimes in a pretty amicable/“hey this didn’t work out, let’s go our separate ways” fashion, sometimes with more upset) or swap to someone else. There does become a point where you need to decide between some characters who are monogamous or incompatible, but you can spend some time figuring it out.

The beta feedback has been and continues to be invaluable and I’m feeling confident about things at the moment (more so than at the equivalent stages of other projects, actually) which is a nice place to be. It’s absolutely fantastic to be able to be responsive to all the helpful comments.


I can’t speak for everyone - or heck, I probably can actually: thank you for making this beta such a joy to work on. Although I’m a newcomer to your fandom, being back in Westerlin feels like coming home. The story and characters are excellent, the writing is good, and even the newer material that hasn’t already been read yet by hundreds of people is pretty polished. (I’ve been alternating Royal Affairs with Choice of Rebels this week, and I swear you and @Havenstone are going to make me forget that beta testing can be pretty intense work!) You’re always a joy to work with, and it’s been delightful to see how this story has continued to blossom as you take our comments and suggestions to heart. I’ll be forever proud of having had even a tiny part in what I’m sure will be another widely-acclaimed favorite.


That’s so so kind, thank you :heart: I am feeling really positive about how things are going and very grateful for the help in improving!

Although the provisional date was February, it’s going to be more like March, which means that it will have the room to make sure it’s as polished as possible; I’m also able to add in some nice-to-haves that I wasn’t sure I’d have time to do!


What does q1 2023 mean?

Generally speaking, first quarter. So January to March


That’s right!

Something that’s shocked me as I’ve come to the end is how big Royal Affairs is. The last three chapters are a lot bigger than those in Crème de la Crème but there was a long time when writing the first draft that I was confident that it would be shorter. It was always intended to be smaller in scope (though with some larger scale events) especially because of having fewer main characters and fewer branching school clubs, and it has just… not been. Currently it’s quite a bit longer in total and a lot longer per playthrough. I guess games are a gas that expands to fit any available space…?


I had an incredible amount of feedback come in over the weekend and wanted to say to anyone who sent it in who’s reading: thank you so much, I’ve read it, and if you don’t notice things in the changelog reflecting it yet, usually it’s because I’ve either put it under “various additions”, or I’m giving it a little more thinking time while fixing recent bugs (some of which I introduced myself by doing quick edits. Thank you past me). Occasionally I don’t end up changing things based on feedback but more often I do so in some way in the end!