Royal Affairs Discussion Thread and Romance Guide (Spoilers Within)

To celebrate Royal Affairs being out soon, I’m considering commissioning a portrait of one of the main characters. I don’t know when it’ll happen due to artist timings, but I’d love to hear who you’d like to see - please fill out the poll here if you fancy it!


I’m having an issue I think it might be most helpful to post about here: for people who have done multiple playthroughs (four or more) with randomized genders, are there any characters who have turned out to be the same gender every time?

As far as I know it’s randomised using *rand and I haven’t noticed that myself - but then I haven’t been looking for it. Which character(s) have been staying the same for you?

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Prince Javi

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I’ll do some checks to make sure things are behaving as they should!

Edit: @AletheiaKnights I did some testing, with 10 randomtest seeds and 10 manually playing through the randomisation onscreen, and all the characters ended up with variations across playthroughs, though some were more and some less evenly spread. I’m not a statistics person but I suspect that with only 3 options for each, and a relatively (statistically speaking) low number of playthroughs, it’s not super unlikely for there to be a few of the same in a row. But I don’t think there’s anything to be done about that other than players going through and choosing some or all themselves.


Sorry to alarm you then. I didn’t really mean you to go through all that unless other people reported the same issue.

Oh no, don’t worry! It’s really good to double check :smiley: Recently only one person found an obscure bug in the stats page and I almost assumed it was to do with an update mismatch, but then discovered it was something that needed fixing - I’d always rather hear about something and check, than miss it.


You are not alone in the embarrassment.

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If I’m honest I’ve veered around pronunciation so much since then that I barely say it out loud anymore!

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I think this is to Creme de la Creme what Cakes and Ale was to Tally Ho. Kinda what Mega Man Zero was to Mega Man X. The conflict continues, except that we’re seeing it from somebody else’s (friend?) point of view instead. I’m ready for a harder adventure I suppose! Thank you @HannahPS !

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Considering the mascot is named Archie, I imagined it was pronounced “Arch-um-bolt”

Archie. Archie Comics. Archie Comics has Mega Man and Sonic entries. Coincidence? I think not! And I think Lady Renault must have contacted the Sigma Virus, otherwise she wouldn’t send people to the mines to become Mavericks.

I’ve added 45,000 words to the game since going into beta, which feels frankly ridiculous. It’s well over the size of Creme now, in both total words and playthrough. I’m very proud, and what I’ve been adding is good, but also… this was intended to be a shorter game!

I’m very much wondering how big whatever the next game I do will be…


Congratulations and good luck on the writing! I wasn’t able to be present for all of Royal Affairs, but I’m very eager to see the finished project when it’s launched. Oh, and that cover looks stunning! I do sort of remember you saying that you were going to focus on a smaller cast with fewer ROs to make for a shorter sory :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Vertigo thank you so much! Yes, the smaller cast was meant to result in a smaller game which… didn’t happen at all :sweat_smile: Noblesse Oblige did work out that way but I still went 40,000 words bigger than originally intended! I always had trouble getting a high enough wordcount in essays but apparently games bring out my wordy side.


Oh man felt a little alone there voting for Princess Javi this is the kind of polls that you truly cannot feel satisfied eith without a multiple vote, like choosing between female Javi or female Asher? The heresy!

Also it has been fun beta testing the game, will probably send more thoughts regarding certain routes but just saying here the most general troublesome detail I mentioned here before:The Citizens/Government and the Zaledo/Westerlin relationship and how the text struggles to recognise the stats and react correctly.

Without spoilers don’t worry I wouldn’t, Fabien’s visit keeps being quite problematic regarding that.

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So, I have done some work on that which is part of the update from this afternoon - in various places especially Chapter 6 but also Chapters 5, 7 8 and 10, the text should reflect the stats better. I’d be interested to see if it feels more natural after those edits!


I’m starting my zillionth play through after this afternoons update and while I’m in the first couple of chapters I really like how you did the stats.

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Do you have a closing date in mind for the beta yet? No pressure obviously, I just like to be able to plan ahead to make the best use of my time.


@Alex_Parker_Roberts that’s exciting! I’ve added a bunch more opportunities to boost stats at various points in the early-mid game so hopefully that will feel good!

@AletheiaKnights we’re thinking Wednesday afternoon/evening UK time unless anything essential and big or weird/complicated comes in. I’m going to be spending the next few days doing a lot of polish (eg the Creme continuity isn’t totally ironed out yet as of the current update, so I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone on that).