Rot and Rise (WIP)

SUMMARY The game takes place in medieval time where people are fighting against the dead people…

Eighty years ago, so many people in the world were murdered by the strange creatures who feed on human blood. They are called the Dead. According to legend, the only thing that destroyed them was the magic named Thysia.

Now, the Dead are back. But since there’s no any magician left anymore, how will people learn about that magic?

The story is about MC and the other four warriors on their way to the North in order to find a magician.


MC - They are the warrior of the Kingdom of Ravenfield. Their parents died right after they were born. When they were three years old, their Kingdom was collapsed and its land was occupied. That’s why some people think they are cursed. Some people believe the rumors and treat MC bad while the others are kind to them.

King Charles - He’s the King of Ravenfield and your father’s childhood friend. After your parents died and your home was destroyed, he brought you to Ravenfield. He lost his wife five years ago.

Oliver - He’s the son of King Charles. He’s one of the people who believes MC is cursed. He’s rude to him/her (RO)

Mia - She’s the daughter of King Charles. She’s very sarcastic person. She doesn’t care about anything. She doesn’t treat you bad, but she sometimes teases you about the rumors. (RO)

Alec - He’s the warrior of Ravenfield. He’s good person and your best friend. He’s usually kind person, but sometimes he can be very rude. (RO)

Jean - She’s the warrior of Ravenfield. She’s good friend of yours. She has feelings for Alec. (RO)


The warriors are training with one another to practice their **skils** while the hunters go to the forest

Should be skills?

Perhaps change to "Soon after you were born…"
As were you want to express it was when you were young, but if you’re parents died before your birth you’d kinda be dead?

Sorry if it’s unneccesary, but I notice you tell us a lot, like whether someone if good, why you are friends, but I think for some parts it’d be better to slowly reveal information, or at least make us like people/ judge them on what they say and their actions, as it’ll feel more like us playing than us possessing someone halfway through their life and being sorta detached.
I do like the plot though+


Im kinda confused as to why we’re believed to be a curse though? Our parents died. Ok sure. However, is there a correlation between us being 3 years old the kingdoms collapse?

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From what I understand when tragedy occurs more to someone than others he/she is considered cursed. And in such a time period where this game is set in news kind of travel fast.



Things i'm found



Unnecessary space.


Interesting so far, but the current demo is a bit rushed in my opinion. I also have question, are there more people that ‘cursed’ like mc?

Well, I always love a challenge.


Nice work so far! I’m loving this!

I also was wondering about that. Possibly, we could meet a cursed person and either treat them kindly or act like the others, possibly even save them from a stoning (which was not uncommon for medieval times, I believe :thinking:). Maybe even be a ~romantic option~

Wait… how old are we? How old are the ROs?

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uh well I just think are there no more babies born in the same year as mc? and orphaned as well? it sure is a small kingdom :joy:
if the kingdom collapsed then how come King Charles still a king? are they fugitives?


because you’re “cursed”

remove “to”

uncapitalize the a

remove comma

why not “you frown” or “you furrowed your brow”?


Sounds good can we become the dead

I mean… I don’t think so? We are just “cursed”.

Um, I think it’s more along the lines of the MCs father was a king in one kingdom, made friends with another king (King Charles), and then died… or something along those lines… I’m just guessing.

ZOMBIES! :brain: :brain:

Ehem… Anyways… How many kingdoms are you going to have?

"Since when you actually care about me?"
you mean:
“Since when did you actually care about me?” ?

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Are critters that seem to be causing trouble vampires?


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