Rome: The Punic Chronicles Rebooted

So, I had a WIP named Rome: The Punic Chronicles a while back. It was going slow so I scrapped it but I really want to finish it because I have a lot of good ideas for a trilogy and possibly branching sequels.

I’m thinking of places to start. The new version is on the last day in Rome before the MC is sent to Sicily but I’m also thinking about a version where the MC goes through training, so if that sounds better to you, tell me.

If you are familiar with the original WIP, I’m scrapping that background entirely. The new version is going to have you pick from multiple backgrounds and it’s going to be slower in pace(I was told the original was too bullet point).

I have two backgrounds already, a conscripted Germanic slave with superior strength and a aristocrat from a royal family both with(hopefully) deep, unique plots of their own. If you can think of any other good backgrounds, I’m very interested in your input(and advice for better writing in general if you have any).

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A Britton in it all for the land and the glory?
Or a Roman plebian trying to restore his family’s name after his father disgraced it?

Thanks for the ideas but I can’t really find any references to the Romans having much contact with Briton near 264 BC when the first Punic War started and I want it to be as historically accurate as possible. I like the idea of the pleb, though.

I kinda like the roman plebian. A street urchin could be cool too.

So a Gaul or a Greek instead

I don’t have any background suggestions, but I’m excited to see your WIP back in progress.

Well…maybe I do have a suggestion…maybe something to do with a Carthaginian who ends up on the Roman side?

An Etruscan would be cool

What about a Numidian mercenary cavalryman?

Someone born in Carthage but raised in one of Rome’s federated states–divided loyalties

these should all simply be backrounds. we don’t want to overload him with possible paths for every character. take it slow bud.

Yea, all these are good ideas but I overloaded myself with the last WIP so I think I’ll keep it simple this time.

If I ever finish the Punic Chronicles trilogy, I think I’ll make another one where the Roman Republic is failing and the MC is one of the claimants to the throne and I’ll try to use some of these suggestions but for now I think I’ll only go with 3 or 4.

Now the only question is which 3 or 4 >.>

I think you should go with 3.

I’m not sure which would be better. If I can only make 3 fit, I’ll do 3 but if 4 looks better I’ll do 4.

Well if you are gonna do 4 I’d suggest using the carthagian idea @cottage14 came up with for one