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Justin_one line 1797: Invalid expression at char 5, expected OPERATOR, was: INEQUALITY [!]

Anyone know what this is??

First find the relevant line.
Examine said line to see if the code works or not.
If you can’t make said code work paste the line here.
Rather than make a new topic for every single bug you encounter create a RockStarPenguin Needs Help thread.

ok will change that now! I looked at the line and seemed fine…but i guess it’s not lol. I will put the code up

*if happy 
    #You are too excited to eat much. 
      "${name!}" Jen says, "You've got to be kidding me! This is some of the best food ever! This guy must be messing with your head!"
      She laughs. 
      "I need to meet him!" 
      *if bad_friend 
        You really didn't want Justin to meet Jen... She would take over the whole meeting. 
        *if emotional
          You start panicking. That would be awful!  
      *if bad_friend = false 

        "I'm sure you will at some point," you say, "I still hardly even know him!"
    #You gladly eat. 
      Life is good and there has to only be good things to come! 
      It even seems to make the food taste better. 

Jen leans her thin body back against her seat with a satisfied look on her face while sipping some water.
She makes even the hard wood chair look like some luxury item.

Should {name!} be {name} ?

yyeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhh… lol I think that fixed it… thanks! I’m really bad at finding little mistakes like that but I will try to look better next time.

I’m going to suggest that the first thing you do when you get an error is to go over it all to try and fix it yourself.

I plug things into the IDE and keep trying and fiddling with things until I get it to work. This means that while I’m troubleshooting, I’m also learning better how things work, as well as common mistakes to look out for.

If you’re truly stuck, and you can’t fix things by trial and error, the wiki isn’t helping, a search of the forums doesn’t turn up a solution, then post on your topic. I know to begin with it’s hard, it’s so much easier to immediately ask for others to help, but in first trying to solve it yourself you will learn an awful lot quicker. You’ll also become far more adept at finding the small mistakes and fixing them yourself.