Random test error "Couldn't extract another token"

Hi everyone, I’ve hit an error that I can’t work out why random test is unhappy.
I can’t post the exact code publically as it’s part of my comp entry but basically it says

"Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: . " then more text here that doesn’t have anything odd about it I can see.

The choice is a *if (gender = “male”) # blah blah. more text.
The full stop in the error is the one in the middle of the two sentences. Any suggestions?
It is a fake_choice, could that be upsetting it? (Doesn’t seem worried about the other choices though which are also *if statements).

Drop it so the choice is a line below rather than in-line, e.g.

*if (gender = "male") 
    # blah blah. more text.

That should fix it. Fake_choices seem to not like in-line *ifs (at least, ones with any internal punctuation).


Thanks that’s done the trick. It’s now getting upset about the next time I’ve used an if statement this way. I’ll change them and it should work :slight_smile:

Having just had to do the same to Choice of Rebels, you have my full sympathy. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I’ve never done names like this, & i had no idea about that code. It worked!

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