Randomtest weirdness cannot extract another token

Well, since playtesting of Fallen Hero is almost at an end, I was going to run a few randomtests to see if anything that people have missed popped up.

Apart from some code that I have to hide (names stuff), one weird thing that pops up all the time as an error is this:

RANDOMTEST FAILED: Error: chapter01 line 1939: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token:

The cone in question is:

  *if (puppet_gender = "woman") #…Latina
    You're not sure what ${phis} origins are, and the fact that ${phe} looks like a Latina doesn't narrow it down much in these parts.

This happens everywhere I am having *if statements in my choice code (I have a LOT). This has never been an issue before, quicktest runs fine and I’ve had a lot of people testing the game and no errors have occurred.

What kind of weird wording do randomtest want for *if statements in choices?


A better, longer same of code that gives the same error on noth the named and the complicated variables:

  #This isn't good. The reporter has heard too much.
    This isn't good. You can't help the nervous twitch on your face. The reporter has heard too much — will you have to do something about this later?

  *if (named) #It's fine — ${name} is a common name. No reason for anything to come of this.
    It's fine — ${name} is a common name, and there is no reason for anything to come of this. After tonight, there's going to be a lot more interesting news to focus on.
    *set arrogance %+ 5

  *if (complicated) #But who is Ortega interested in? That's what you want to know.
    Is she talking about ${name} or ${puppet_name}? When did your life get this complicated? You only have yourself to blame.

  #So I'm having that much of an effect on Ortega? That is good to know.
    So you are having that much of an effect on Ortega? It's good to know that ${he}'s not just playing pretend.

"Are you sure that's not just guilt talking?" Herald has walked over to Lady Argent now, looking down at her. He's half a head taller than her, even though he's not floating right now.

Try putting the choice under the *if

*if (read)
    #I read the message. 

It solves it, but…

Oh god, do I need to do that for every choice in the game? *sighs-

It follows the syntax described, and it plays fine. Why can’t the randomtest get it to work? I know you have no answer, I am just complaining into the air because I’ve got really complicated choice structures which now have to be retooled from scratch. Just for that bloody test.


Yeah for some reason it doesn’t like *if on the choice line but it doesn’t mind *selectable_if

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Generally speaking, this happens when you’re accidentally “falling in” to a # option, like this:

*create leadership 50
*create strength 50

  *if (leadership = 50) #A
  *if (strength = 50) #B
  *if (leadership != 50) #…C

There is a real bug here: if you choose #B, there should be an *ending, but instead, it just falls into the #C line. ChoiceScript doesn’t realize that this is an #option line, but instead thinks you just randomly wrote #…C on an otherwise ordinary *if line. “Can’t extract another token” means “I couldn’t understand the rest of this line.”

Moving the #…C line to the next line doesn’t actually fix the bug, but it does make error messages clearer when they fail.

From my own RT experience, I think it’s every fake_choice. Which is no comfort when you’ve used fake_choice to avoid having to use *gotos, which I guess most folks do nowadays…

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That’s why… *create implicit_control_flow true, guys

BTW, I like your title, @Havenstone .

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Thank you so much!

Now that I understand how randomtest worked, it was a breeze clearing up the issues. Thank you for taking the time to explain it, that removed all the frustration of fixing things <3

This is the first thing I put in any CS story. I just couldn’t get used to the idea of having to put “*goto label” all over the place. It just felt so awkward and clunky. As long as you’re using an editor that helps out with automatic indenting, I think using this makes things a LOT easier to write. Does for me anyway :wink: