Rock Star - Buggy or just me?


So I tried this over the weekend, enjoyed the demo and ended up buying the latest offering. Played it twice since, and I have to say I am incredibly disappointed in the apparent quality. Is anyone else getting more bugs than usual on this? I can overlook a few trip-ups from mistakes in coding, but this is way overboard.

So far I’ve encountered:

  • My career randomly ended after a successful showing of The Tonight Show. Apparently my label saw the ‘writing on the wall’, about something that was not clear to me (Is talking to Letterman a bad idea or something?).
  • Layla’s gender pronouns switched between his/her constantly.
  • Second go, I had someone named Sludge apparently get drunk and threaten our performance at the Battle of the Bands. I never hired anyone named Sludge, and they were promptly never mentioned again.
  • Uno was showboating more and more, and I had to confront him about it at one point. The problem? I never hired Uno and he was never mentioned before this.
  • I declined the contact, became a successful Indie star, made up with Casper, and was offered a record deal after I handled the wave of the Internet succesfully. After taking it, it threw me in to what appeared to be the succesful-after-Letterman scenes including me having never made up with Casper, so I got to make up and add him back into the band twice.

Either this was barely bugtested or you guys uploaded the wrong version to the Kindle/Amazon store.


Yeah idk whenever im on the show it says sellout & it ends quickly after that


That happened to me as well. I ended up getting the Comeback Kid achievement though and started up a new band and kicked butt.

In my play through I opted out of a second guitarist…I thought…but during the one show it ended up that he was trying to show off during my guy’s show and I had to deal with it in a certain way. But I never took that guy so I’m not sure where he came from, haha.

Anyway the game is still pretty awesome. But I noticed a few coding issues as well. Will probably play through a second time.


@Sylfaen can you email us screenshots?


@jasonstevanhill - Unfortunately, I can’t. Kindle lacks the ability to screenshot itself, and I have no external camera.

@BrianBlack - The exact same things happened to me.


I had the same problem where the game made me make up with Casper twice, as well as a few instances of gender pronouns constantly switching around (which I actually found more entertaining then annoying).


I sent six or seven bug reports in regarding very early-game content, most of which I can’t imagine no one missed while testing.


Well there are a lot of ambiguous rockstars as far as gender is concerned, haha!


I’ve also had that issue with Uno and Sludge and the Letterman show. Also I think the MC’s gender gets swapped after describing your relationship with Casper if you play as a female, but that’s just because it mentions brothers being close let alone band-mates or something along those lines.

also there was a scene where you sleep with a groupie after you throw a party the spite the Melvins and the gender gets swapped quite a bit.


@bapacop if testers would have reported them, we would have fixed them before release.

That said, your bug reports Thursday night were what stopped us from sending the mailer Friday morning, so thank you.


@jasonstevanhill I’m pretty sure some things were reported in beta but are still occurring. For example, the Role Model/Bad Influence stat that appears to be backward (i.e. drinking beer increases Role Model, while drinking mountain dew increases Bad Influence).
Sorry to sound rude, but you guys sure you uploaded the right version?


@Jackrabbit What makes you say that stat problem was reported in beta? I’ve just reviewed all the beta feedback I have for the game, and I don’t see anything about the stat reversal.


@Jackrabbit @jasonstevanhill The demos on the website are all I can play untill I get actual money. I also like looking at the code of the demos.

I don’t know if there are multiple beer/mountain dew instances in the game (I doubt there are), but the one in the demo’s startup goes like this: Mountain dew sets health %+10. It doesn’t touch role model/bad influence. The beer sets health %-10 and sets reputation %+10. Reputation represents role model part of role model/bad influence opposed pair while bad influence is the non-existent variable part.

Also, whyskey in the same choice sets reputation %+20. Living like a rock star and partying all night alo increases reputation. From this, I believe the only thing that needs to be done to fix the bug is to rename “Role Model” to “Bad Influence” and vice versa.

EDIT: What I am trying to say: The stat is not reversed. Its name is.


@DSeg That’s what @Jackrabbit means: The labels were reversed.


Oh, okay. I misunderstood then. Doesn’t matter. This was a good excercise for me.


On app store it shows as free with an IAP. I’m guessing you get the first 1/3 or so free?


@HornHeadFan the 3 first chapters


I also found a lot of the inconsistencies everyone else mentioned

After I kick Sludge out of the band, the Rosenblatt brothers bring in their cousin Howie, who’s described as “a prodigy at the keyboard”. I already have a keyboard player–Wendle. Why would Howie be a replacement for Sludge plays the drums?

Then, later in, I’m told my “problems with Uno are flaring up again”, but I never encountered problems with Uno in the first place? Sure, in other play-throughs I did but not in this one.


@jasonstevanhill I just checked my own beta feedback, and I definitely mentioned that this stat seems to be working in reverse, if I understood it correctly. It was buried among other things though, so it might be my fault for not stating it more clearly.

By the way, I’ve bought the iOS version, if it makes any difference.


@Jackrabbit can you forward your feedback to my email?

The iOS version has a patch already submitted, and we’re working on another patch for when that one is approved.