Help us find a terrible bug in The Hero Project for Steam


At the bottom of this page a bunch of people are saying that the game is completely broken. Please let us know at if you see this problem. (I can’t reproduce the problem on my machine.)


@dfabulich I played it through twice, making choices at random, and didn’t encounter any errors. Possibly you’ve fallen victim to the infamous reviewer who, when a game doesn’t go the way they want, automatically go “Arrrrrgh! Broken!”


This one?

It seems like a permissions issue, but I can’t seem to replicate it either.
I even tried running it as a guest account.


There is also someone coplaining that he paid and didn’t get the full game


I just uploaded a new version of the app which should fix the problem and not make anything worse. The problem was a miscommunication between the local Steam client and the game. It’s pretty rare; I could never reproduce it myself on my machine, but I received logs from one of the people suffering from the problem that helped me investigate.