Please try our new (free) Steam beta for Windows

A number of players have complained about crashes in the Steam version of the Heroes Rise games for Windows. To fix this, I tore the old app down and rebuilt it from scratch.

(The old app was written in C# and embedded Internet Explorer (whatever random version of IE the player had installed, no matter how old); the new app is written in C++ and embeds the open-source version of Chrome (Chromium). Since it’s written in C++, I can also use Steam’s crash reporting tools, so if players have trouble in the future, I can handle the errors and try to repair them.)

To try it, you’ll need to download “Heroes Rise: The Prodigy” for Steam on Windows. You don’t have to buy the game; testing with the demo version is just fine.

Once you’ve downloaded the game (either the full game or the demo), before you click “Play” in the Steam app, right-click on “Heroes Rise: The Prodigy” in your game Library, click Properties, Betas, and select “alpha” from the drop down. (You may see a version called “beta,” but don’t bother with that one. It’s an older beta, still based on IE.)

Once the alpha version has downloaded, play it as you normally would, and let us know here or at if you encounter any trouble with it.


Seems like most of the negative reviews weren’t anything to do with crashing but more the actual game/story and the UI if you ask me.
But yeah, this seems to work just fine (but the old one did too for me).
I do think I prefer the menu button where it is now though, it felt really strange and random having that file button in the top left corner.