Rider (New WIP)


A few of you might hate me for switching once again, but I swear that this is the last time! If I start anything else, please stop me, lol.

Summary: You are a young American college student about to enter your first year at Naos University, only to discover that Naos isn’t just a school, but also a world full of magic and mystery. Oh, and crazy old gods who want you to become one of their legendary “Riders.”

Link (7/15/17): https://dashingdon.com/play/leopardmoon/rider/mygame/

So far, I mostly just have some intro stuff worked out. XD But if you followed me through “Barriers” and “Terra Immortalium,” you’ll recognize some elements from those games shifted around into “Rider.”

So what’s the background of Rider? Well, magical creatures, or Magi, for short, lived with the humans on Earth for a good period of time when the gods of old were still in power. However, as humans grew more superstitious and depended more on themselves than the gods (and in science!), the Magi were cast out and the old gods forgotten. So the old gods took the Magi and built a new world for themselves separate from Earth - Naos.

Naos is the magical world, Earth the nonmagical one. They are kept separate by ‘The Barrier’ which also confounds the memories of anyone who accidentally catches a glimpse of that other world. Special in-between zones that straddle the line between the two worlds are where Naos Universities can be found. The Naos University in America is where the MC ends up. These Universities were created by the gods for the sole purpose of helping to maintain the balance between the two worlds. Aka, a few Magi (15 per school) and a few Humans (also 15 per school) each year are chosen to become Guardians of the two worlds. Basically they help preserve the peace and show that man and magi can actually get along!

The Guardians are sorted into different groups in order to help them become better integrated into the structure of their new world. Magi get fun new jobs as Teachers, Doctors, Scientists, etc. Humans become Summoners, Druids, Riders, etc. Everyone wins, right? Well, you still have to graduate from school first, but at least you don’t get letter grades. Usually.

Riders and Thysosi make up the Naosian Rider Corps, officially a diplomatic organization put together by the Gods to serve Naos as the Gods’ Emissaries. However, the Rider Corps often takes on missions of a less than peaceful nature due to Naos having its own fair share of crime. You could think of the Rider Corps as a sort of magical worldwide police force. Riders are the humanoid end of the partnership (Magi and a few humans). Thysosi are all Pegasi, specifically winged horses dedicated to the Gods from birth and raised with the knowledge that they will one day serve in the Rider Corps. A Thysos picks their Rider, not the other way around.

My plan is to have three different Thysosi your Rider could partner up with, each of a different Pegasi line (breed). We’ll see how the coding goes this time around, lol.

Okay, I hope that’s enough basic information. Feel free to ask me questions and whatnot! I’ll be working on this in-between school, yay. Unfortunately the Gods did not select me to be a Guardian…


I played it earlier and i like it so far :grin:


Small continuity error:

The date is really early to be an “American” uni … unless this is an alternate universe or something.


LOL, I’m in a gif mood today, so sorry. anyway, will there be dragons?


This looks awesome! And your writing is very fluid and pleasant to read (if that makes sense?).

I’m also always excited for nonbinary MCs - there aren’t enough of them out there! Your lore is also interesting and looks like a fun world to play in!

The only thing I noticed has already been mentioned…America wouldn’t have been establishing any universities on the West Coast in 1777.


@Leopardmoon One or two more WIPs may earn you the “WIPoholic” achievement.

Sounds like an interesting story, I’ll have to read it during my break later.


Woops! Not too early for the East coast, but yup, way too early for the West Coast “officially.” The gods are ancient and all of the schools are pretty darn old, but can’t have the humans getting suspicious! Hm…1877 sound safer?

Alright, guess I’m going to have nail down a date for the Exodus and Naos’s creation then. 1695 sounds about right.

Of course there will be dragons! Pfft, a fantasy story without dragons, I can’t imagine it. :smiley:

Aw, you’re sweet. :heart: I know I have a very distinct writing style, so I’m glad people like it! And I hope to be as inclusive as my poor coding skills will allow, lol.


This looks suspiciously like my reaction to gay ROs… although it’s probably too early to ask about such things, given that the only characters so far are the (presumably unromanceable) cousin, and the (oh God, I hope she’s not romanceable) crone.

But, yes, it looks like a reasonable start, although it’s still too short to say much more than that. Good luck with the writing. :grin:


-just cracking up in my English class, don’t mind me!- Thanks for the laugh. :heart:

Yeah, no and no (to cousin/crone being romanceable). Gay ROs are of course planned just not sure how many yet. >> I would love to have a whole plethora of ROs, but then I couldn’t possibly flesh everyone out!

A sample of your fellow Rider Trainees:

  • a dullahan, a merman, a tengu, a half-dragon/half-werecat, a lich, and a vampire. Small note that in my world vampires have more in common with snakes than bats. Humans like to mix up vampires and werebats a lot. :wink:

Enjoyed it as short as it was >www< and I see Tengu :kissing_smiling_eyes:


My gif has been used five times, I’m popular! Um, May I ask what a Tengu is and a lich?

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Tengu (天狗 ?, “heavenly dog”) are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto god (kami) or yōkai (supernatural beings).


Sounds interesting so far can’t wait for more

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In fantasy fiction, a lich is a type of undead creature. Often such a creature is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind


Ok, thanks @Terrell_Williams. Anyways I enjoyed the small demo, it has a good starting point in which I find rare in most fantasy fiction, in my eyes anyway. So keep it up :smile:

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Dang, That was short… but, seriously makes me wanna know more… :grin:


I liked it I can’t wait to see more

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Needs dragon rider please.

Sorry, but since there are already dragon rider stories out there, I didn’t feel comfortable including them in mine, but I felt like the Pegasi could use some love. :heart: Plus, dragons are extremely intelligent and rare beings in this world, so they would frown upon becoming two-legger “pets.” The Thysosi are quite proud; dragons are about (most of them anyway) 50 times more proud. Lol. “I was an egg when the dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, how dare you presume to command me human!”


Are the Thysosi sentient?