"Revolution Diabolique"—Summon demons to win the French Revolution!

Aha, that was why I couldn’t track down this issue. It’s specifically the combination of both bourgeoisie and ex-slave. I thought I handled every combination, but the way those two linked up, I missed it.

Well, let me reduce that somewhat, in that particular case…

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Thank you very much !
And what’s the best path to buy the biggest mansion ? :slight_smile:

No idea, haven’t tested out that route.

In other news, @Chris_Conley, how about another really complex constitution bug? As we know, the constitution mechanic is corner case chaos, and I just had to push the envelope again.

I started by getting appointed to the Convention and siding with the emigres. (I’m not actually a monarchist. This is a scheme on my part.) I push a couple of sliders, including an Orleanist king and liberty of conscience under an established church. And then I coup the new order I set up with my private army. When setting up the new order, the army wants Louis XVI and a strict Catholic state as the emigres did, and I can’t move either slider again - it’s apparently “already moved.”

What I was trying to do was to move those sliders once to create a status quo for the army (who don’t care about either issue) and then move them again, creating a moderate republic with freedom of religion post-coup (one that just happens to be a republican dictatorship with an absolute executive, of course - no, not ambitious at all!). Should this be possible as intended?


Ah. You’re right, that’s very much an edge case, but it should be allowed to work. That kind of scheming should absolutely be possible. Encouraged, even.

I believe when a *gosub_scene is called, all of the *disable_reuse options inside of that new scene get cleared. But in this case, you’re actually calling the change-of-government machinery twice within the same scene, so they’re not getting reset.

I think that means I’m going to need to track all of these things by flags, which get cleared on every new change of government, instead of *disable_reuse. Hmm.

Or, theoretically, I could break out all of the change-of-governement routines into a separate scene file, out of Chapter Seven’s. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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I say do it. Programming-wise, it’s even more complicated than the war stories, has multiple entry points (climbing up through politics or government, various rebellions, a direct coup d’etat, or the Brumaire) and has lots of fiddly bits for us to play with. Chapter 7d it is!

Also, I believe (not 100% on this, the code is complex) that when you form a government a second time, and your new allied faction is neutral on a given issue, it calls the opinion of the previous newgov rather than the actual government you built (when you may have moved a couple of sliders from your allies’ position).


I think you should either add more routes like starting a business, becoming an author, or many more in the French Revolution Age. Or adding more demons, huge ones like the Seer Demon, Undead Demon, Minotaur Like Demon. and Small ones like the Assassin Demon, Thug Demon, Accountant Demon. I need more ideas to give to the creator. If you have any ideas to give. Post it here.

Assassin, thug, … accountant? :thinking:

Assassin Demon increases the chances for killing a certain person silently, Thug Demon helps with Intimidating a person or a group, Accountant Demon helps with managing your finances but only at a businessman to noble level, peasant to immigrant level can be possible but you need a lot of willpower, negotiation, or certain personalities to get it. DO you have better ideas for adding more demons or routes?

I can’t say I do.

However, I think you’ll find that it’s very rare for any game to get a major content update after release.

Not right now, maybe after several months

So. I noted something about the politics route. Being a faction member or faction leader doesn’t give you the ability to run for the National Assembly - to do that, you either need to have couped the government or have already climbed the ladder to a regional job.

If I’ve got a political party to launch my campaign from, I shouldn’t have to work up through the spits bureaucracy.


Good idea.

Massive patch pushed!

  • improved and reorganized Glossary entries
  • altered introductory scene (ch1)
  • removed duplicate “war” text (ch1)
  • corrected tense of a Mauriceau revenge option (ch1)
  • multireplace typo fixed (ch2)
  • clarified fire extinguishing option text (ch2)
  • fixed Vervaise reward text (ch2)
  • adjusted Vervaise’s title for feminine form (ch2 on)
  • added extra choice when considering the Vendeans (ch4)
  • fixed librarian demon double-binding (ch5)
  • PC no longer collects a government salary after fleeing the country (from ch5 on)
  • fix crash involving government recognition from alternate destinations (ch6)
  • fixed a rare invalid initialization of Jules/Julia’s mood (ch6)
  • fixed a crash involving defecting to the rebels (ch6)
  • properly initialize to prevent a far too easy fight after whipping up and leading a rebellion against Paris (ch7)
  • additional initialization problems fixed there (ch7)
  • fixed a variable name issue in the adoring crowds sequence (ch7)
  • don’t let PC keep alienating new-government stakeholders until a crash (ch7)
  • made mutually exclusive texts actually mutually exclusive in demon-teacher training (ch7)
  • don’t claim PC is in the Paris legislature if actually not (ch7)
  • added more varying text about popular mood if sentiment is building against the government (ch7)
  • PC no longer keeps making decisions about the faction if fled (ch7)
  • don’t call royalist rebels “Revolutionaries” (ch7)
  • fixed the text displayed at the end of chapter if a non-noble PC becomes the leader of France (ch7)
  • Gaudry romance ending calculation fixed (ch8)

So: a question for those who have played this game, especially those who have played more than once:

How many Achievements have you unlocked?

(I don’t need to know which ones or how you did it, at least not at this point. I’m just curious how many you’ve done.)

If you know approximately how many times you’ve played the game all the way through, I would be interested in that too.

I’ve played five times and unlocked nine Achievements.

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I’d be interested in hearing that, too.

If you haven’t looked there, the Steam page for a game lists what percentage of players has unlocked each achievement, sorted by commonness/rarity.

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I looked on Steam first, actually. And I looked at the statistics for a few other games to try to get a feel for what’s average. It wasn’t a highly scientific analysis or anything, but Revolution Diabolique seems to have more than the average number of Achievements that almost no one has achieved. I was hoping that people here could tell me if they’d been aiming for certain outcomes and been frustrated, or that people who had a greater number of unlocked Achievements could tell me what sort of approach they bring to the game.

For me, the game is so frustratingly hard that I always fail at achieving my goal (military, politics, opening a school,etc). Perhaps it’s me being dense, but it’s unclear to me what I should do to succeed.

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How many times have you played?

About 3 times before I took a long break