"Revolution Diabolique"—Summon demons to win the French Revolution!

I have to say this is super annoying. I want to plan playthroughs with who they will side with, who they will romance etc. but having romantic partners left up to chance is just, in my opinion, a horrible decision. I think you will get a lot of anger over this. Making major npcs that can’t be romanced random is fine but the romance options should either be set or the player can choose the romance options gender.


I hard time identifying ROs. I played twice as very different MCs and nothing.

Has anyone else has better luck?

The only 3 romance options I have found are the 3 friends you go to visit. You have the option to say you were more than friends, and thus they are your romance option. Honestly there is very little in the way of interaction with them or any npc. I would say that if you want a deep involved story give this game a pass. This game is about giving you options and they actually change the narrative quite a bit.


There’s several more. Political track: All four of the faction leaders. In a typical playthrough, you’ll probably only have access to one, maybe two, but theoretically they’re all available. And military: Once you join, there’s one officer and two of the named enlisted. The former is probably only available if you join in Chapter 5 or earlier; the latter, probably only if you join in Chapter 4 or earlier. Two of these are probably mutually exclusive based on their preferences; another pair of them are probably mutually exclusive based on their politics. But maybe you can thread that needle.

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Happy birthday to me! :birthday:
I got $60 worth of steam cards and I just bought the game. And Belle de Nuit! I think they take place around the same time.


Sorry. Five of the ROs are fixed gender; five are variable. It’s just going to be a slightly different situation every time you play. If you can’t find any of them that appeal to you, I don’t know what to say.

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Howmdo you make demonology a virtue?

Do popular stuff with open demonology. In particular, if you get enough awareness, you’ll have to deal with a mob, and one thing you can do is show off (if you have good control and mal&ens) - that makes it really popular.

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Enjoying the read so far thanks. : )

Quick question: I’ve managed to enlist the librarian demon, but I keep losing my grip on reality when attempting to recruit Shallana, Zaanoloth, or Haefexus. How does one do this? Cheers.

Never had a problem with Zaanoloth myself. He likes you to be warlike when you talk to him. Deeestrooooy.


In Chapter 2, if I go in to talk to Vervaise on behalf of the mob, my only choice seems to be to betray the mob and cut a deal. Insisting that Vervaise resign puts me in an endless loop where they order the guard to throw me out, the guard refuses and insists they listen to me, I demand they resign, they order the guard to throw me out, he refuses…

The only way out of the loop is to betray the mob.

Ooh, that’s a good find. I’ve never encountered that in a playthrough.

Could you paste your stats screen here?

Is there any way to play a Jewish character? I’m finding the character background section kinda hard to navigate because there are often additional follow-up questions but no way of knowing when they’ll appear and what that changes about your background. I’m not sure if I just haven’t found the option to be Jewish yet, or if it doesn’t exist at all.

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Yes, there is. You choose your character’s religion at the start of Chapter Three.

Do any of you guys know if you can join the Federalist faction?I know you can get famous by clashing their efforts during one of the Republican campaigns but really cannot find the way to get involved with em.

You can. Just desert and join them when the call to arms comes.

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Really?Thought the only options you got were joining the Monarchists,a foreign power or going to a remote village.

Honestly do not know how that escaped my notice,will have to explore that branch of choices once again then.

Yup, as Ramidel says. You can desert and join them when you get the order to march on Lyon, at the top of Chapter 6. If you want to bring your troops with you, you’d better hope they support you, though…

Or, if you’re a civilian, you can also run off and join their fight in Chapter 6. Just as long as you do it early enough in the year that they, well, still exist.

I have the same question … A lot of things seem to need high Stratégie et Tactique but I can’t raise it high enough and don’t see how to do it :confused:
I’m currently playing as a noble in a political group

In the immortal words of Adam Savage, “well, there’s your problem.” The strongest S&T boosts come from choices available to a freed slave, bourgeoisie or both*, and even the most skilled noble is kind of lame at S&T in comparison.

It’s kind of hard to raise your mundane stats early on.

*Playing a bourgeoisie freed slave gets you a double-bonus to your stats, btw. It’s almost cheating.