Reunited (working title)

I recently learned choice script to work on my first game, Reunited. In Reunited, you play as a senior (17) in high school who is brought back into contact with friends from middle school, all of whom haven’t really spoken to the MC or each other for years since one of their friends had died. Supernatural things then proceed to happen.

I’m not very good at descriptions, despite sometimes claiming to be a writer, but basically it’s a horror-lite(i’m not sure how scary my writing will be)/supernatural/mystery/high school semi-drama. It’s not the most original plot, but hopefully I can still make something enjoyable.

What I have so far is right here:

The game isn’t anywhere close to done- I haven’t even finished the first chapter- but I’m worried that if I don’t post it here now I won’t be able to muster up the motivation to keep working on it as I start going to college (early college! i’m so tired)

Main Characters

The MC is the character you play, who is customizable to an extent.

Jacob Bailey is a jock type character. He plays basketball and gets average to low grades, but he’s sweet-tempered, kind, and very superstitious.

Piper Roland is a cheerleader type character. I’m not sure if I’m actually going to make her a cheerleader, but she’s peppy, outgoing, and a little sneaky.

Cassius Devalto is a bad-boy type character, and he definitely has the coolest name. He’s not a people-person, gets into fights, and skips class a lot. Classic bad-boy.

Arienne Dent is the only sane one. She’s very stoic and reserved; a no-nonsense type of girl, and the least superstitious of the bunch. Eventually her skepticism shifts, of course, because there’s supernatural shit happening.


Every horror movie, the choice script game. Sounds fun


like i said, it’s not the most original, just an idea that i can work on.


I don’t mean that in a bad way, I think the books going to turn out really well if you keep up this kinda quality. It honestly reminds me of highlands deep water


Oh, okay, thanks! I did read your comment in a sort of bad way and I was immediately like, ‘oh no’. I’ve never posted anything of mine up on a public space like this, so I guess I was kind of expecting the worst. I’m very relieved :sweat_smile:


Will romance be included? Or is it to early to tell?

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I am planning for romance to be included. All of the main characters (excluding the mc, of course) will hopefully be romanceable, and one or two minor-characters may be as well.


Yuss cannot wait to romance all of them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Speaking of ro’s, will we have the option of the dead charter Alex be a former ro?

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haha :grin: I can’t wait to start writing those scenes, tbh

@Exeldgamer you were in middle school when they died, so i wasn’t planning on it, but that’s an interesting idea. I could add in the option for the mc to have had a crush on Alex, and it would certainly add an interesting layer to the circumstances of their death.


My thoughts exactly…

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I love highschool horror.Theme of reunion just makes it better

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Teenage horror!! I can’t wait to make all the dumb decisions, like investigating That Sound™ in the cellar/abandoned room/dark alley! I love the reunion theme, you just know everything is going to go so bad for the characters!

Joking aside,you have our full attention!

Tropes like this can be fun, when done right, so you don’t need to worry about this (look at Until Dawn, it had every trope in the horror book, yet still was a lot of fun).

Good luck with the game, I can’t wait to see where this goes!


Whaaaaaaaaaat, I can’t romance myself? Disgraceful.
I’m kidding
It looks promising :smiley:

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A minor mistake on the last page

“The temperature seems to drop as we walk down, which makes since considering it’s a basement.” (I’m guessing you meant sense)

There’s gonna be a lot of use of the blur thingy, cause I have no idea what would be spoiler-ish to mention at this point

Can I say that I really liked the opening, it felt somehow personal and I’m invested. Though I will say it took me a moment to realise it was text messages (but then again I’m not the brightest of crayons). Is the lack of capitalization in the texts intentional, like is that how Jacob actually texts?

Only part I did kind of a double take was during the memory, cause there was no distinction between the now and then. I had to re read when Alex’s name was suddenly throuwn in there. Have you thought maybe italicizing the text to visually distinguish the past with the present, without breaking the narration? It might just be me though, so take it with a grain of salt, or there might be a better suggestion on how to achieve that

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@Ch3rryB0mb ooooo thank you for such a long comment! i love feedback!

  • fixed!

  • yes, that is how jacob texts (he’s the type of person who would purposefully turn off auto correct and capitalization). i wanted the background to be black and make the text glow on those pages specifically so it would be clearer that it was a text, but i couldn’t figure out how to do it.

  • i sort of wanted it to be a bit jarring during that scene, to give it a sort of ‘unwanted sudden memory’ vibe. I don’t want people to be very confused, though, so i could do something to set it apart more.

I love Jacob and his blocks of texts already. He had me rushing into dumb decisions at “please” (watch me commit every horror movie sin and die horribly)

I’ve seen it done in a few games (the use of a black background, which after a point changes back to white), but I can’t for the life of me tell you how they did it. Might I suggest asking in the forum, there’s definitely someone who can help you, the idea sounds great!

Like I said, take it with a grain of salt (you can see what other members think of this as well). Maybe it works for most!
I was thrown off because the first sentense fit both the memory and was something Jacob could’ve said at that moment, so I had a moment of “…Alex said…wait, Alex??”.
It was a nice blend of present and past though, I liked the feeling of one bleeding into the other. Can’t wait to read more about the creepy basement that the MC is so bravely charging in. Give me all the basements, I’ll storm them all, I guess

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Great prologue(is it a prologue tho?)/demo!
Only have one issue: in the begging Jacob just casually text “it’s me Jacob” and if you agree you later choose name and surname and Jacob calls you by your name… and surname which felt (for me at least) weird. I understand why this done in such way but maybe it’s better for the logic of it to either when Jacob texted to add his surname or customize surname but let him call MC just by name (just a suggestion)

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it’s more of a chapter 1, and thank you!
i agree the surname thing is a little awkward. I think I’m gonna leave it for now, but it’s definitely something I want to smooth out.

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Just finished reading the demo and I think you are off to a great start. Keep up the great work I really enjoy playing the demo.

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