Reunited (working title)


You got my attention and it was so… cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the next update.

I feel the same, I bet most of players wants to experience the “dumb decisions”. Being serious MCs in horror genre misses the fun of being chased around by supernaturals or getting into trouble (although they are essential).

Edit: Quick question: What kind of supernatural are we dealing with?


The type of supernatural is a secret right now but it’s one main villain setting the story in motion.


I think our collective MCs are questioning our definition of “fun” right now.

Get your high heeled shoes, we have basements to investigate while loudly announcing our presense with the classic “Is anybody there?” !!

:open_mouth: Now my whole “vengeful dead friend” theory is starting to look slim, the plot thickens and things need to escalate.


Well, ya never know what might happen :slight_smile:


very very small update, just went a little further on the longest path. chapter 1 still not done.

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