Resonance download broken

Yo, just made a forum account to adress this issue, now
ive been digging around for some good cog reccomendations and i see alot of people mentioning resonance i didn’t get around trying it until today i played it from the er… Introcamp 2012 winner list link from page 20 ish of the blog, Tried it out and i REALLY REALLY LIKED IT LIKE SO MUCH UMFFFF i was dissapointed when it ended where things were pickin up, Was looking forward to kicking that Barith king guy’s behind aswell.
So i used my trusty ol google to see if there was more, so there it was, the WIP page. Now i aint sure if there were more updates to the game afterward the version from uh… Introcomp, But im gonna try and go to the ends of the earth if it means more words to that magnificent game from the gracious author. Now i click upon the not so holy dropwhatever download link, links from the WIP page, i clicked all of them dammit. It fave me the dreaded 404 stick up yo rump error. Soooo any one else have the game? Mind sharin it? Is it gonna stay this way? Is resonance gonna be wiped away from history because the dropwhatever links broke? Help please.

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