[Resolved] How to do things like setting save points, making sure the game stays on the same part when you refresh a page?

So throughout the tutorial we get all the coding commands, but there’s nothing really on this sort of stuff. Is it just something the hosting will finish on its own, or what? Thank you so much :dizzy_face:

(And if it is in the tutorial, could someone pinpoint me to where? :frowning: I’ve looked for a long time… so sorry.)

I think there’s a program around that you can set save points in the compiles but not for final games. Otherwise you have to make your own save points from scratch I think.
No idea how to make it stay on the same page if you refresh it. I think it’ll restart from the beginning each time.

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Here you are

try to take a look around the forums to see if there is already a post before making one :grinning:

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