How to save/bookmark in ChoiceScript?

Writing the story, it gets annoying whenever I test out my game manually, come across a game, fix it, and have to restart from the beginning. I would like to be able to save my spot, so that if I know that I have fixed everything behind a certain point, I don’t have to restart my game and choose the same choices every time. And, of course, it occurs to me that my readers would also appreciate it. I plan on my book being rather long. A game/book that takes an hour to beat and maybe a day to get all of the other outcomes wouls dissapoint me, unless it is really, really good. So, my readers will need to be able to ‘bookmark their page’, if you will. So, how can I do that in ChoiceScript?

The system that @lordirishdas mentioned (made by @CJW is great for testing. But please be aware it will need to be removed before you can submit it to cog.

Why must it be removed?

CoG has their own save system they install that is more suited to a wide platform.