How do I make checkpoint/save?

Yeah title is pretty self explanatory. I don’t have a clue how to and would like to learn. Thanks

That should help.

I went and downloaded the save.js file but after I edited the index.html and the null in save.js, I get this

TypeError: window.nav is undefined

and I tried to open the game after deleting it, I get Script Error. Did I just break my game?

@that1german You’d have to ask @CJW, but that save system of his may now work anymore with the latest version of CS. I know of another way of doing it, it just wouldn’t persist if the browser is closed.

At the beginning of startup.txt, for every *create command you do at the beginning, you create a duplicate for every save slot you want to create. For Example:

<pre \*create health "0" \*create health1 "0" \*create health2 "0" \*create strength "0" \*create strength1 "0" \*create strength2 "0" ``` Then, in another scene file, I'm going to call it "extras", do something like this: ``` *label saveslot1 *set health health1 *set strength strength1 *return *label saveslot2 *set health health2 *set strength strength2 *return ``` When you create a checkpoint, you do this ``` *set health1 health *set strength1 strength ``` Now whenever you want to load up a save point you use *gosub_scene to reset your stats, like ``` *gosub_scene extras saveslot1 ``` And then you use another \*gosub_scene or \*goto (whichever is applicable) to go to the part of the game you want to go to.

I can assure you that CJW’s system does work with the latest version of Choisecript. There is a tiny thing that needs altering however, but I’ll have to look through my files later on to check

I suppose a better question would be if a game is publishable with @CJW’s system? It’s probably good for testing (the reason most people use it, obviously) but what about once you’re ready for release?

@BlazedStorm weird I did exactly what it told me to do in the link that @gkkiller gave. Unless I’m suppose to copy/paste the save.js with that new framework system that CJW posted later on in the thread?

Try downloading a fresh copy of the latest CS, and putting your scene files and mygame.js in that to see if they work.

Also, you should be using sm_Plugin.js. save.js is outdated.

What @gkkiller said. To be honest, I thought you meant the sm version in that post, so I misread it. Most people still use the plugin as it allows you to create a series of save files without the need of extra on screen buttons that save.js has. It also has a flashy green success box, because like aesthetics for the win

However I am not sure if the post still contains what needs to be altered in the default files for sm_Plugin to work. Was it deleted? I haven’t checked

smPlugin definitely works with the latest version of CS, I can’t comment on save.js but I’ll try and have a look tomorrow.

Arguably it would work, but I work on the premise that I doubt COG would allow it, although in fairness they don’t really need to, the state persistence on the mobile apps is pretty good.

save.js and smPlugin.js shouldn’t ever be used in conjunction (use one or the other, not both). I can only think that the error is caused by a typo in your included code and/or including it before all the other .js files (it needs to come after them).

You need to edit save.js manually but with smPlugin you don’t, you just use the *sm_init command to set up all the stuff you’d need to set manually with save.js :slight_smile:

yeah I must have screwed up when I was editing the index part with the save.js cause it works now when i put it into a practice game