Replica: between universes (WIP, intro ch9, ch2 edit 12/07/22)

@RenataC Fixed it! I hope


It’s fixed now, thank you. :star_struck:

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Sweet, an update! I’ve been keeping an eye on this, since I love the story so much, and am glad to see you have time to work on it over your summer break. A lot of people have been dying for more of this, and for good reason!

That said, I’m not going to play it for now–the past year has been shit, and I’ve had all the angst, trauma, and misery I can deal with for a while, and can’t really deal with it from my entertainment for a while without knowing things will get better. So for you Asher-mancers out there, if you see things getting happier (and he stops hating on the MC constantly), or the story gets to a point where it’s not a constant exercise in depression and angst, lemme know and I will play. Otherwise, I’m just going to see what other people say and steer clear.

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@EvilChani thank you! And. Thats very understandable. This chapter is going to be a light one- or bit more on the bittersweet side depending on past choices made. Think of it as the characters being shell shocked a bit and realizing how they need to take a step back and slow down. Need to give y’all (and myself) a breather after continuous angst hah ;-;

Theres not a lot of new content right now though so dont worry about that D: going to do a ton more writing, just managed to push through the first few pages for chapter 9 as a. Tiny appetizer. A trailer for chapter 9 as a whole. So more reading than making meaningful choices.


I had to do that for The One Chosen for awhile sometime back. Sometimes stories just hit different when you take them a bite at a time as a WIP instead of all at once as a published work. Or just have to be craving a certain vibe at that moment.


Yes, we definitely need that! And so do you–I don’t know how you approach writing, but I let my characters “use” me (so to speak) to tell the story, so if there’s too much pain, I end up having to step away because it exhausts me emotionally.

Yeah, exactly. I love this story (and love the characters even more–Asher and lil’ sis are two of my faves from anything I have played so far!), so I want to keep up with it and see what everyone says about it and where it’s going/headed. Right now, though, I’m just not able to deal with things that feel hopeless and overly angsty. I’ve never been “into” angst, really, and love this IF despite that, but unless I know I can get a happy ending right now and have some positive vibes, I just need to steer clear of playing it myself.

So people who play need to share details!

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Welcome baccclk auuuthhoorr ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Welcome back🍕


I understand how you feel. Not for this story, but when I read A Mage Reborn for the first time, I cried for hours. I didn’t progress in the story after my mage died, because I was so sad that I didn’t care for all that happened after. Still hurts when I think about it. To be honest, I don’t think I will ever read it again.

Yeees give to your poor characters a break, they deserve :heart_eyes:

Oh no

For me in The One Chosen was the scenes with the “stepfather” and the dog, was the same to you? These were heavy, I had to stop and take a breath after read.


Nah (though the MC’s experience in that foster home was brutal!) it was a ways in during a time when the MC has intentionally been knocked out of the spotlight for a bit. It works well as a low point for the character when the story is read all at once, as it only lasts for like half a chapter, but as an update it can be a bummer of a cliffhanger. Unavoidable with forum WIPs, though; you can’t just skip over the sad parts in the writing process.


@FireFlyy congratulations on the update and it’s good to see that you’re alive and kicking :joy_cat::smiling_imp::smirk_cat:


Is this on hiatus? Cant find any info on tumblr

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: author i will keep waiting for you! This still remains in to my top reads :heart_eyes:.

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so intrested i absolutely interested

Life happened! Havent gotten around for a proper update but it is more or less on a hiatus right now indeed. Many apologies for the lack of update and silence, gonna try and write up a proper status update soon !


hey, you are still alive! Thats an accomplishment nowadays!


Here is a fond memory of when you miss writing! Shaaaaaaaane and his ‘Can’t tell you! Spoilers!’ :rofl:


I saw this pop up again and I was like “Is it December already?” But i forgot about metric dates. :joy: