Remnant: Twenty One (WIP) [April Announcement 4/11/2024] [Word Count: 225,948 Words!]

I would suggest looking at other games’s posts. A detailed synopsis with some charcter and RO description alongside gameplay features (ex- be a hero, a villian or something in between.) would help a lot. Haven’t read the game yet, will offer more when I have done so.

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September Update

Chapter 7C is out where Sigma is alive if you go in his route in Chapter 6 and he survives. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on chapters 7A and 7B as well if you went with Uri in Chapter 6 instead. The last chapter I have to write is 7D, where we explore the aftermath if Sigma doesn’t survive the mission with you. I hope you enjoy reading, these almost four chapters in one have been quite the doozy lately. Thanks for reading!


How did he survived?

+20% Assimilation just for deciding to sleep alone is a bit much I think


Ooo, yeah I’ll definitely balance the stats for the assimilation when it becomes very relevant to the story, thank you for the feedback! :+1:

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question :frowning: Did you mean to ask how to make sure if Sigma survives? If so, I can provide a guide for it, if you would like :+1:

Yes please, I’ve been playing it several times and I can’t make him survive the encounter

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I’m currently out right now, but when I get back, I’ll make an in-depth guide for you. :+1: Could you send a screenshot of your stats and what part of the story you’re at?

That was an absolute fever dream

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I think I caught all the options where your choice affects Sigma’s survival if you go with him. I will wrap the entire guide with the spoiler tag.

Guide to Save Sigma

💀 = Will increase Sigma’s death counter (Will push him towards death)

⬜ = Will not affect his death counter (Will not increase or lower it)

✔️ = Will lower Sigma’s death counter (Keeps him alive)

Chapter 2

1. Context: When Kaus reveals that Sigma used to be an Apostle


# “I can’t believe Sigma worked for these guys. He’s awful” 💀

# I mean Sigma is working for our side now. That most likely means he defected for a good reason. ⬜

# “I’m still trying to understand what the hell is going on.” ⬜

Chapter 3

2. Context: When you’re in the car with Sigma, Anja, and Uri. You’re given the choice to agree with Sigma or tell the truth about his lie


#Agree with Sigma ⬜

#Tell the truth 💀

If you skipped to Chapter 5, you will be given an option:

Did you expose Sigma’s fib in the car?


#Yes 💀

#No ⬜

Chapter 6 with Sigma

3. Context: Sigma is nervous about before the start of the mission and you’re given a choice to encourage him.


# Encourage him ⬜

# Don’t encourage him 💀

4. Context: You’re about to fight your first zombie in the Shelter in the bushes.


# Ask Sigma to deal with it 💀

# Whistle to bait out the zombie 🖥️ (Strength + Wits > 40)

# Quickly slash the zombie 🖥️ (Charm + Agility > 40)

# Call out to Alter Ego 💀

5. Context: You’re given a choice to take the envelope from the corpse.


# Take it 💀

# Don’t take it ⬜

6. Context: You had a sudden vision and got woken up by Sigma.


# “I had a vision. I think I died.” 💀

# “Don’t worry about it.” ⬜

# “Can I hold your hand?” ⬜

Someone knocks on the door. The next choice gives an increase to some of your stats.


# You waited for the man to break through the door and strike (Increase Strength and Wits +5)

# You opened the door and caught the intruder by surprise (Increase Agility and Charm +5)

7. Context: You’re in the sewers with Kassan, Nova, and Sigma. You thought you saw something.


#No. There was something definitely there. ⬜

#They’re probably right. It doesn’t help to be this tense. 💀

8. Context: Your character comes to an epiphany inside the building with Kassan.


# I didn’t ask for all of this ⬜

# The idea of fate is stupid ✔️

# Is everything my fault? ⬜

9. Context: You’re in a fight with Sigma.


# Block 💀

# Jump ⬜

10. Context: Sigma is holding you by the neck


# “Sigma. I’m your leader. Put me down.” 💀

# “You’re not a bad guy anymore. Remember?” ⬜

# “I made a promise for you to get your memories back.” ⬜

11. Context: You’re in a battle against Schedar and he asks you a question.


# “To save humanity.” 💀

# "For myself. In order to survive." 💀

# “You think I want to save this world?” ⬜

# "For my friends." 💀

# "Two strangers told me to, that's why." 💀 <= This is a mistake (Supposed to be ⬜, will be fixed next update, for now, avoid this option)

12. Context: You and Sigma are surrounded by poison mist when a figure strikes at you.


# Counterattack 🖥️ (Strength > 35)

# Dodge it 🖥️ (Agility > 35)

# Ask for backup 🖥️ (Charm > 35)

13. Context: When you’re about to stab Schedar


# “You were a worthy opponent.” ⬜

# “Fuck you Schedar” ⬜

# “This is for Sigma” ✔️

# “No words are needed” ⬜

That’s the end of it. If the counter is 3 or higher, then Sigma will die. Otherwise, he’ll live. Avoid the skulls, try to pass skill checks, and go for the green checkmarks when possible.

Appreciated it man, turns out even the conversation part plays a part on it, eh?

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No problem haha, yeah I wanted to have other choices besides skill checks to also have an effect on his survival. I really hope you like Sigma as a character to make this all worth it, apologies for the troubles you went through.


October Announcement

Hello everyone,

I have some unfortunate news, I will not be able to work on Remnant: Twenty-One in October, due to many life obligations and events. However, I will use this time to outline the remaining chapters in order to streamline everything. Other than that, that’s all the news I have. I would like to hear some feedback about the diverging pathways, there are some ideas I had in mind, but I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts!


New October Book Cover

Since it’s spooky month, I thought it would be fun to make a temporary new cover for 21 during this month. I plan to either draw the real cover or hire an artist sometime in the future to create the final cover!


If my MC doesn’t get to smooch Sigma on the next oportunity, she will most likely MURDER the next one that DARES to interrupt them.


Marfak right now ↓


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I reality need to try Uri’s route, but my love for himbos is strong, and we don’t get a lot of them on IF’s. Soooo, it’s hard not go for Sigma. He really check a lot of tropes that I love (gentle giant/himbo with a dark past/possibility of being mind controlled)

Also, I remember your IF everytime I am playing Overwatch :rofl: because Sigma is my favorite tank.


Oh I’m surprised that there’s not a lot of himbo characters in IF’s, but now that I think of it, you’re kinda right, which is wild to me since it’s such a popular archetype. I’m glad you like Sigma so much though! :+1:


November Update

Hello everyone,
I have sorted out a majority of my obligations and I even went on vacation which was really needed. I am now ready to write this final chapter 7D where we explore if Sigma does not survive Wednesday’s Encounter :frowning: In this route we get to explore the final RO option and discover other things that may be vastly different from the other timelines. Also I want to thank everyone again for reading Remnant: Twenty-One! I was surprised from the amount of interest this story has received and I love receiving all the wonderful asks on Tumblr from all of you. Your interest in the story helps let me know that I am going in the right direction of the story and I truly appreciate it! :heart:



End of November Update

Hey everyone,
So far I am making good progress with Remnant: Twenty-One! I want to write some more for a satisfying update (50k+ words), so let’s just say we’ll start off the new year with a bang! (At least that’s the plan) I recently got a full-time job, so I will try my best to schedule that around my time. Other news is that I am collaborating with an illustrator to make the cover of Remnant: Twenty One! Below are some thumbnail sketches and ideas for the current cover!

Other than that I hope to make a great update for everyone! I have many surprises in store for what comes for the second half of Thursday : ) Let’s just say the MC will continue to receive the Sisyphus treatment.