Remnant: Twenty One (WIP) [April Announcement 4/11/2024] [Word Count: 225,948 Words!]

Remnant: Twenty-One

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Urban-Fantasy, Isekai, Psychological
Synopsis: You didn’t die, but you’re not home either. You were sent to another world where you’re the Chosen One. Except. You didn’t ask for this and nobody knows you’re the replacement. Also. The final battle is in 5 days so mentally prepare yourself for an arduous journey of survival against demons and Devils.

I’m not sure how consistently I’ll update this, but currently, there’s an estimate of 206,699 words excluding commands. Currently, at a prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6A/B, and Chapter 7A/B/C/D.

I am curious to hear people’s thoughts on this type of story!

To play the demo, go here:
I decided to make a Tumblr:


EDIT: I added some personality stats, so internal thoughts will have an effect on these stats!
EDIT: Half of chapter 2 has been added!
EDIT: Chapter 2 has been finished! (6/25/2022)
EDIT: Chapter 3 and 4 has been added (11/11/2022)
EDIT: Chapter 5 and 6A has been added (2/24/2023)
EDIT: Chapter 6B has been added (5/3/2023)
EDIT: Chapter 7A and 7B has been added (8/25/2023)
EDIT: Chapter 7C has been added (9/26/2023)
EDIT: Chapter 7D and small addition to Chapter 5 has been added (1/24/2024)

More Detailed Synopsis

You’re taken to a mysterious room and greeted by two strangers. They tell you that your life is no longer, but you aren’t necessarily dead. You cross through a door on the other side of the room and enter a world similar to your own. Except, there’s the existence of demons, Devils, and other supernatural entities. Not only that, you’re trapped in the body of the Chosen One, the hero who will save humanity. The issue is there’s no time for training or preparing, the final battle is in five days!

Fight against Caph and the four Enforcers. One Enforcer for each day which will test the potential of your main character. Meet new/‘old’ teammates that will aid you in the final battle. Maybe even find some love with them? Survive to the best of your abilities in this new world. Good luck out there, Remnant Twenty-One.

Content Warning

-Mention of death
-Mention of gore/violence

  • Try to avoid suspicion in this world
  • Slay demons and devils
  • Find some sparks of love in your short time?
  • Find out what exactly it means to be a “Remnant”
  • Defeat the King of Devils
  • Save the world
  • Survive
Romance Options

Anja : A cheerful lady who loves to joke around. She’s the team’s cheerleader and support.

Sigma: A man with a heart of gold. His mind isn’t the brightest, but he makes up for it with his kindness.

Uri: A brooding man who’s lost a lot in his life. He tries his best to change for others, yet you have to think if this is the best for him.

Ash: A man/woman depending on player choice. An odd character who seems to be deeply infatuated with the Chosen One.

Casual ROs [For those that don’t want anything too serious]

???: [Male] He tried to kill you in one of the routes. Dignified and cordial.
???: [Female] She tried to kill you at a point. Snarky and uptight
???: [Female] Enemy of humanity. I have a question if you go for this one. Why?

Before the Incident

Check out my companion piece to Remnant: Twenty-One where we go through the lens of a character in the Organization on a quest. Meet familiar faces or new ones you’ve never seen before!
Before the Incident [Updated 3/30/2024, 71,931 words!] [Superpower, Supernatural, Action] [WIP]

Who did you go with at the end of Chapter 5?
  • Uri
  • Sigma
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Super excited for this! love the demo so far

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Maybe this is still just the char gen phase, but the abundance of illusion-of-choice choices is rather odd. There are a lot of choices that don’t actually do anything at all, and even more bizarrely, mandatory choice sets for which every choice does exactly the same thing. The latter half does have actual choices that increase various skills – but they’re also not really choices, because there are no skill tests. At least not so far, but it’s early on.


Ohh I seeeee. Most likely, I’m going to implement later on certain stats, such as (Optimist vs. Pessimist) or (Sarcastic vs. Serious) so these choices will fluctuate that! :^D


Sorry if I double messaged you, this is my first time replying to someone!


Thank you!

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Did a quick playthrough it’s got some work to be done but your story has potential so I shall be keeping a eye on your progress. :smiley:

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Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to read it! I’ll do my best :smile:

I’ll need more to properly judge, but the choices don’t really feel like choices. Hopefully that’s temporary

Just wanna say I really enjoyed this, I hope you end up going full ‘Mc’ with Humanity’s last hope. Love the idea of a regular guy having to act as the main character eg: soloing enemies, killing bosses all the while he wants to piss himself in fear.

Also, loved that ‘Go see my dog in heaven. Wait’ joke that’s some good shit my dude


@Sadisticshades This comment made my day! Thank you for the kind words, it really pushes me to work harder :grin:

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This Wip’s premise is interesting, i liked trying to act cool while being super scared inside lol, looking forward to future updates dear author, and thanks for making this wip, cheers!:+1:


Are you supposed to meet the tall blonde man no matter which corridor you decide to go down? Because right now choosing between left or right makes no difference.

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Seems pretty good please add more

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Fixed! Going right should lead you to Anja now. Thank you for telling me!

Thank you for the kind words! Hopefully I can upload within the next couple of weeks. Also, will try to have a save feature soon!

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Dude the demo is truly 10/10, but there is something that im wandering, is what happend to thesuper big shoot before we got stranded in them lmao i want to hope that they are just relaxing in some other world or something, and NOT that they just had a truly gruesome fate like ego death or that they soul just got eaten or worse.


Maybe they bailed out and we’re the replacement


:eyes:! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the demo, we shall see the truth of everything soon enough .3.

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Hello Everyone,
The current plan is to release Chapters 2 and 3 this month. However, chapter 3 will only cover half of Tuesday in the story, so I was wondering if I should hold off and finish chapter 4 before updating the demo. Also, I would like to know if people would be interested in having RO options in the story.


I would say if chapter four finishes where you left off in chapter three then save those two updates for one update in of themselves and go-ahead put out chapter two before hand. As to the ro option question lol I’m pretty sure for a lot of people they would like having options most of the time. :smiley:

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Ooo, I think I shall do that then! Thank you for the feedback, also you’re right about the RO thing I already see it in the poll :joy:

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