Remnant: Twenty One (WIP) [April Announcement 4/11/2024] [Word Count: 225,948 Words!]

Darn I want that cake :pensive: I’m super intrigued by this premise! How did my poor MC end up like this?

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THE CAKE IS A LIE!!! (Portal):yum:


Some day the cake shall come (hopefully) Thank you for the kind words! Hopefully, MC makes it out alright :^)

The cake is a lie :: Snickers :: and I fully expect the mc to snap and going out in blaze of glory hopefully against the powers that be that forced this situation :smiley:

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Alright, so an update! I have finished and uploaded half of chapter 2. For people that have already read the demo with Chapter 1, I suggest just waiting for Chapter 2’s completion, this is just news for the newer readers.

Also, I have read the poll on the option of ROs and I am wondering when usually it’s best of incorporating “flirting” options into the story. I was thinking maybe potentially starting at Chapter 3. However, the story is planned to take over the span of only 5 days. So would it still be alright for RO’s to exist (might feel rushed)? If anyone has a workaround or solution for this situation, I’m open to suggestions.


Hmm could be tricky if it was a longer time frame would be easier or multiple games with the same people but lasting only five days total? Not entirely sure I would go with ro’s myself
case in point the one mc I started up currently has no desire to be around any of them and just wants to survive long enough to get the heck out of the situation. Just some quick food for thought since I’m on limited time at the moment lol will try to give more thought later on.

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I think it mostly comes down to if you think making the chars ROs adds anything to the story. Since the story only covers 5 days I don’t think anyone would be expecting a full blown romance, so maybe just adding flirting as more of a flavour text thing rather than something that completely changes ones relationship to a certain character would be enough? Or maybe it just changes some scenes a bit to show there’s some interest there? Well either way, whatever you decide doing should be fine as long as you don’t feel as if you are forcing anything in the story.


Ooo I see. I agree with this sentiment. I will have to ponder on this. Thank you for providing your MC’s thoughts on how they view the situation, it’s always good to gain new insight!

I appreciate this comment, it’s very validating. Ngl I felt pressured to include RO’s simply it was the norm in COG type games. I’m not opposed to it, but for this type of story I do like the flavor text approach rather than a full blown relationship. :thinking:


Hello everybody!
I am happy to announce that Chapter 2 is here! I believe the prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, it should solidify the premise of the story. Chapter 2 will contain some skill checks (Hopefully I didn’t make them too difficult) Also, chapter 2 will introduce a new mechanic involving a certain individual. I would like to hear your thoughts on this mechanic. (Alter Ego)

Throughout the story, I tried to sprinkle in hints about the magic system of the world. I tried to not do an info dump for readers, thus I only gave small pieces of dialogue pertaining to “Contracts”. Please let me know if the overall magic system was easy to figure out.

Also, I would like feedback in terms of characters, plot, and pacing. I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on these three main parts. If there is anything that you wished was elaborated more, I am willing to listen so I may potentially answer them in future chapters. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy it!


Heyo everyone,
So turns out a lot of life stuff happened, so I haven’t been able to work on Twenty One at all, but now I should have more free time to work on it, basically I’m saying chapters 3+4 are delayed :smiling_face_with_tear: I hope everyone can understand


How do I get the suspicion stat to go up like from 0 to 1

I wouldn’t worry about the suspicion stat since it’s still early in the story/demo for it to have any meaning. However, there are several parts I remember where if you mess up it can increase.

  1. If you disagree with Captain in talking in your room after the briefing about Fulu
  2. Saying you are aware of releasing Alter Ego on purpose when at the infirmary
  3. Messing up with the skill check in activating the barrier totem at the graveyard

I hope that answers your question and thank you for reading! :smile:


Hello Everyone!
Some updates, I have finished chapters 3 and 4. However, I want to actually finish chapter 5 and chapter 6 as well so that the demo will contain Monday-Wednesday content.

Another reason I want to do this is because I would like to implement a small mechanic of character death, so at certain parts of the story, depending on previous choices, a character can live or die. Don’t expect anything too crazy out of this though. That’s all for my updates, hope to see you all around back in October!


Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. I have added chapters 3 and 4 to the demo, which brings it to a total of around 69k words. There were a lot of road bumps since my last reply, but basically, I rewrote chapters 3 and 4. Tuesday’s Devil was going to be just another generic devil, but I wanted to use it as an opportunity to explore more about the MC.

In addition, I have decided to add future romances with two characters, specifically Sigma and Anja. Other than that, there’s nothing else for me to say. I hope you enjoy this substantial update. I believe it’s an addition of 31k words, which is almost double of the previous demo.

Hopefully, after reading this demo, the readers will have a general grasp of the tone of the story. Main feedback I’m concerned with is in terms of pacing, so I would appreciate any responses. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Save states have just been added!


You would have sarcastically apologized to her that when you listen to a person, it’s somehow a bad thing, but alright. You would have scoffed and rolled your eyes if {friend_he} gave {friend_his} objective criticism again.

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It should be fixed, thank you for notifying me! Somehow forgot a “$” there .3.

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Think I found a bug.

I was fighting the Apostles and Zombies, and then I was back to talking to Alter Ego for the first time. Took me a second to realize what happened.

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Ohh, that is not good. I play-tested through chapter 2 and I got through just fine recently. There may be a potential cause of it restarting the same chapter because I was updating the files throughout the day. If you have any screenshots, that would be extremely helpful! I looked around the code to check, but I can’t find anything so far. I apologize for the inconvenience! Also, thank you for reading and taking the time to tell me this!


Okay, I think I fixed a majority of the problems with the demo (hopefully)? Thank you to everyone that took the time give me feedback, I really appreciate it!