Remnant: Twenty One (WIP) [April Announcement 4/11/2024] [Word Count: 225,948 Words!]

My opinion
I like A, C , D
A is just badass
C has more mysterious aspect
D its like a vibe of weird but interesting
E well e just scares me because it reminds me of the clickers from"The last of us" but nice
B well beautiful
Love your work :heart_hands::100::muscle:

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I’m glad you like the concepts so far. I believe the concept decided was a mixture of A and E (Wanted to go for something uncanny and eerie for the cover) :smiley: Also, thank you for the kind words! (I think I read your comment too fast, hence the delayed edit)

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January Update

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say I added a little bit of meat to Chapter 5 and I uploaded Chapter 7D, which finally ends the Chapter 7 saga. It took quite a long time to complete, around 8 months :0 However, my life was quite turbulent with many career/education shifts. I will be transparent, I will be juggling a full-time job and pursuing another degree at the same time. Yet, not a day goes by without thinking about Remnant Twenty-One. This story is a passion project of mine and I don’t have any intent to abandon this project. I’d like to be more transparent and more accountable so I will update Remnant: 21 every two weeks from now on. The content I upload may vary because of what I’m about to say next.

I decided to create three variations of Chapter 8, aka the second half of Thursday’s content. However, the ending of each variation is a big reveal and would spoil each other. Ergo, I will work on Chapter 8 along with additional intermission slice-of-life chapters. Based on your choices from the main chapters, intermissions will contain small fun events with the cast where they can bring up your attitudes and their current perceptions of you. (I’ll probably have an option if players want to turn off the option.) I’ll try to put up a bulletin and progress tracker on my current work so far, so there’s more accountability with my work!

As for the current update, if you feel like it, you can read the new chapter 7D, where if Sigma does not survive Chapter 6, we will explore what will happen. If anyone would like to discuss matters of the story, I would like to politely ask to put spoiler tags around it. Thank you again for reading my story, I truly appreciate all the support given to it!

Expected Updates two weeks from now:

  • Post-Chapter 2 Intermission (Involves Uri, Captain, Anja) [Will be released next update]
  • Post-Chapter 6 Intermission A (Involves Anja) [Will be released next update]
  • Post-Chapter 6 Intermission B (Involves Sigma) [Will be released next update]
  • Addition to Chapter 7B, after Anja’s death. [Will be released next update]
  • Completion of Chapter 8A [Will not be released next update]


Amazing and fun story with wonderful characters :heart: I love it :heart_eyes:


February Announcement

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update you all that I created a companion piece for Remnant: Twenty-One called Before the Incident. I am by no means abandoning Remnant: Twenty-One after all, I’m already 200k+ words into it, but the issue is that it has been depressing to write. It’s a bit rough to write the same MC having a mental breakdown in two out of the four current routes. And it gets even worse from here for the MC, so I needed a break to recharge by writing something a little bit more light-hearted. AKA a world that isn’t an apocalyptic mess :sweat_smile:

Anyway, Before the Incident follows a new protagonist around 1.5 years before the current MC of Remnant: 21 comes in. I’d love to hear if you spotted the references from this story in my new WIP. Thank you again for supporting my work! Link is below:

Link to Before the Incident : Before the Incident [WIP] [Superpower, Supernatural, Action]



Please don’t worry, take your time to write Remnant. It’s amazing and well thought-out and I understand that you want to do something more light-hearted than to write depressing ones :grinning:
You did/do an amazing job!!

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Thank you for your understanding, I appreciate the kind words! :grin:

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Enjoying the demo! Although I’m kind of confused what happened to Abe. How exactly was MC involved in his death? In the flashback, we had a conversation and we hugged. Maybe I just missed something, but I couldn’t figure it out. D:

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I’m glad you enjoyed the demo! As for what happened to Abe, it’s not revealed until the second half of Thursday which has not been released as of now. I hope that answers your question!


Hello everyone,

In the spirit of the current holiday, I decided to cook up a 6k-word story in regards to Remnant: Twenty-One. An average playthrough is about 3.8k words. Feel free to read a quick adventure!

Also, I’m going to promote my other story, Before the Incident which was updated only a few days ago, so feel free to check it out! Thanks for reading!



Book Cover Poll

Hello everyone,

I am making a poll for what will be the official cover of Remant: 21 Please vote below! This was illustrated by the wonderful Brad Yip!


Which variation should be the new cover of Remnant 21?
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
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the 6th one just gives the vibes of not really being on mc earth anymore but in a different world and living in a body that is not they own but it is at the same time

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